Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take Out Anyone?

     It appears I now have a take-out service.  Sometime last night, a bear pulled up to our green bin and helped him/her self to about a 1/3 of a watermellon. Usually, I put all my compost in paper bags, but the one time I didn't I had a "customer", a non-paying one at that.  And then, in my imagination, I can see him/her peering into the bin and spying a bagged lunch, deciding to take that along with him as he made his way across the backyard, sampling the variety of morsels, casting aside coffee grounds, filters and anything else that did not appeal to a bear's taste.  I have since moved the take out bin to a place far away from the porch, which is where it was last night.  I am not a good cook, so I'm hoping that the bear has stomach cramps, and the heaves, and makes a bear promise to never visit that green bin again.


  1. Funny that he/she is not deterred by the bear that stands guard at your door (or perhaps Smokey if still wearing his Santa disguise?)

  2. Poor old Smokey has seen his last days, and going to the garbage heap soon. Farewell good friend.