Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Evening, getting on toward bedtime, and I'm a little weary. I had quite a workout at excercise today, and I am feeling it now. It was a good workout, as I raised my heart rate which is supposed to be a good thing. That's what I keep telling my's a good thing, is a good thing.

I had laser treatment on my right eye yesterday.Very weird. It's supposed to keep the pressure down in the eye. I thought I was going to have the left one done, but when my eyes were checked the right one was worse, so it was zapped several times. Pressure check the first of Feb., then I imagine the left one will need the treatment.

I have to put a drop in my eye four times a day. They didn't say why and I didn't ask.  The little plastic thing they give you with the drops in needs a major squeeze to get the drop out. I look up to the ceiling, find my eye, grit my teeth and squeeze with all my mini might and hope that I am exerting enough pressure to get the diddly drop out, since I'm really not sure, can't really tell if any came out. The gal at the doctor's said to use it until it is all gone. At this rate, I may be using it until February, or March.

I have a to-do list, and have managed to check one thing off it today.....clean the stove and oven. That's always fun. When I bend over and stick my head in, I always think of Hansel and Gretel, and then check behind me. I wouldn't be very tastey anyway.

the cover of my Christmas Poems Booklet

I have a couple of wooden plaques to paint as well as a WINS pin. I've actually started on the pattern for the wood. I haven't picked up a felting needle in about ten days....but I'm starting to get itchy fingers. I will be strong. I will be strong. I will do my painting orders first.......maybe.


  1. Love the cover on your poems booklet!

    Aaaand now I'm going to have to check behind me whenever I clean the oven...

  2. 1)I will hold off on replenishing the fibre stock until you get a little more painting done.
    2)Try giving the bottle a small shake downwards (not sideways) when you squeeze.
    3)Maybe your back is complaining about the oven, rather than the exercise?
    4)Did I mention that I'm a member of the WINS?
    5) xoxo

    1. No, you did not mention that little fact. Are congratulations in order? Don't hold off too long on the fibre...I'm almost finished the paintings.

  3. You say some words I don't understand.

    "C l e a n i n g O v e n" ? Funny, funny words.

  4. Movita, you never have to worry about getting pushed into an are too good a cook. You actually use your oven to make good things.

  5. Sybil, there is a mystical thing out there that is called a "self-cleaning oven", but you have to pay good money for it. I work for free.