Monday, June 23, 2014


       How many times in the last few weeks have I sat at this laptop and tried to convince myself that I really should try to write a bit. It has been a while, and so as I begin this post, I know that it will not be done in one sitting. It has been difficult lately to put two thoughts together that made sense, let alone try and put them down. I shall not delve into the ups and downs of the past month, except to say that it has been rough. The fibro begets depression and the fight begins......
.......this time I think I am winning, but it isn't over yet.

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. Did you notice? I didn't. Today will be about 3 seconds longer. I won't notice that either. It is sunny this morning, and the day should be warming.

A dear young friend, Kayley, weeded my flower garden, and finally I can see the flowers that were hidden. It makes me mad at myself when I can't even weed a little. When I feel up to it, I've done a little whipper-snippering, managing about 10 minutes at a time, but that is better than nothing. I have to stop expecting myself to be able to do what I want to, at least, at one time. You would think I would learn after 20+ years.
I guess when I was younger I could get through days much better than now. It is hard to accept that, and the fact that I sometimes have to ask for help, or accept it when offered.

....It's another day, and I am feeling somewhat better, though the day is young. I wonder what I will accomplish today. I have finally made an inventory of the books on my shelf, and the ones that I have put in the church library. My oh my. I would like to go back and read them all again. I am thinking that I will put the ones I have here in the library as well, so that others will enjoy them, too. First though, I have to card them, so it will be a while before they get settled on the church shelves.

In the comments, some have asked about patterns for the felted creatures I make. I do not use patterns, but there are many places on the internet of needle and wet felting. I usually start with the head and body and then the imagination kicks in and then a bear or a cat or whatever appears. There are lots of books and sites that teach about felting, and I look at some felted things on line, but mostly I just do my own thing.

Sometimes I just use small bits of wool and just make little balls.
They are good for cat toys.

My latest paintings. hj says the one on the right is a bit scary.
I'm wondering if people would want these sort of paintings?
They are definitely weird, but I was thinking of giving some to the 
Children's Wish Foundation. A friend is very involved in this group, and
is planing a fundraiser.

I think that I am going to post this now. It is a start, and means that I am on the way back from my stay with Lady Gloom. I visit her quite often, but I never want to stay too long. Sometimes she is a comfort, but she lives in a very dark room, and eventually I need to see the light. Thanks to Heather and Dawn for opening the door.

I am hoping that Barney and Belinda will get going again soon. 


  1. I love the painting on the right! My eyes went to it right away! They are both gorgeous and should be hanging in someone's home…

    1. Thanks Movita. They are all a little weird, but I think they are neat in a way. It's the way my mind goes, I guess. I really enjoy painting the abstract, as I never know what I will find in them. Also, I'm glad you are going to keep on posting. I would really miss it, if you decided to stop all together. On with the great stories.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling a little better today, Bonnie. I, myself, suffer from IBS, and this gets me down sometimes, too. I wonder why my body attacks me and why the doctors can't tell me how to control it. It's just hit or miss - today this works, tomorrow it doesn't. It's very frustrating.

    As for the books, I am a book hoarder, too - and sometimes I put them in the attic when I'm just not ready to part with them yet. (Then I often pull them back down and say "No way, I've got to see you!" It's a sickness!)

    It's a rainy Tuesday here in the Bayou State - a good day to catch up with cyber friends. Take care of yourself, Bonnie, and enjoy your sunshine! xo

    1. IBS hits or misses me too, all part of the fibro 'fun'. I never know from one day to another what will hit me. I am feeling better, so here's hoping that soon I will feel more like doing things.

  3. Sorry you've been feeling down both physically and mentally, Bonnie. Our ageing bodies aren't always much fun to live with. I love your paintings and am sure there must be people out there who would want them on their walls. the only way to find out is to offer some for the fund-raiser.

    1. I haven't heard how the silent auction went, but hopefully the items brought in a bit of money for the Children's Wish. One never knows. I'm feeling better, so now perhaps I can get some yard work done. I look around and there is so much I'd like to do.

  4. How challenging it must be to feel ill for days and weeks at a time. It's hard to keep up one's spirits when that happens, I know. It was good to read your post and see your felt creatures. As for weeding...I'm not sure that's something I would miss. *smile*

    1. The neat thing about weeding is that when you look back over your shoulder, you can really see how much you've accomplished. I actually enjoy it. I sit on a little stool, pull weeds and let my thoughts go where they will.