Saturday, July 19, 2014

Absolute Delight

The last few evenings have been delightful......spending special time with my girls....birthday times. Dawn's birthday on the 16th and mine on the 17th, makes for joint celebration.

Heather took us out for dinner at the Port Pub, us being Dawn, Lindsay, Rae and her friend Colton and me. We enjoyed this special time together, with lots of laughs and good food. A wee glass of wine for the birthday girl, helped me relax for a change and just enjoy. So nice!

Then, last evening, Dawn, the girls and Colton and I went to the Fundy shore, at Morden. I hadn't been over to the shore to just sit and enjoy for quite a long time. I only took a few pictures, because I didn't take extra batteries. It is a little difficult to walk on the rocks, but Dawn held her ol' mom up and even took a chair for me. Rae had thought to get a cake for us, but cake on the rocks would be a bit messy perhaps, and so we had birthday cream puffs. Delicious, and so easy to pop in your mouth.

It was a little cool, with the wind blowing, but so enjoyable. Dawn made a little fire, and we toasted marshmallows, which I hadn't done since we camped in Cape Breton a few years ago. The marshmallows were huge, and I had to lick every finger, I had made such a mess. (And Dawn was worried about eating cake :)) I was huddled in a jacket, as was Dawn. The young ones didn't seem to mind the brisk breeze.

Lindsay posing for Grammy

Rae posing for Grammy

Rocky shore

Rae and Colton

Our Yummy Cream Puffs

Toasting marshmallows

Sun Setting

Almost gone

Birthday flowers from Rae

A lovely, lovely time, and this morning weary, but well satisfied with life, I find myself remembering my blessings, the love and the support from my girls, and am thankful, so thankful. No matter what this old world brings, through the ups and girls make it all worth hanging in there...


  1. A wonderful day to cherish.
    Truly happy for you Bonnie.

    Happy belated birthday .
    Love all the shots


    1. Both my girls work so hard. It is just nice to spend down time with them and my granddaughters. Thank you for your kindness. It is always great to hear from you. Blessings to you, and hugs too.

  2. And it sounds like a wonderful birthday time was had by all! Happy birthday, Bonnie. Our birthdays are close together--mine was yesterday.

    1. Belated Happy Birthday to you Kathy. We did have a good time together.

  3. Happy Birthday to you and Dawn. That campfire, those cream puffs, and the marshmallows sound like a perfect celebration. I'd be licking my fingers, too!

    1. Thank you Barb. I just love the shore, and don't get to it often enough, which is probably why Dawn thought it would be a good idea.

  4. Belated birthday greetings, Bonnie. I'm glad you had such a lovely joint family celebration. There's nothing like a visit to the shore to lift the spirits sky-high. :)

    1. Thank you Perpetua. I dearly love being with all my girls. The shore is on the Bay of Fundy, and it is always great.