Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gala Daze

  The big weekend is over, and I think I have one very tired granddaughter. There were 9 young ladies involved in the Princess Pageant (though I don't really think pageant is the right word here). Each was sponsored by a business or group, with Rae sponsored by her Community.

  It was a busy time for the girls, beginning mid afternoon Friday, a Grand Opening Friday night at The North Mountain United Tapestry (which I will talk about in a future blog), a full day Saturday, including the Tea, where the Gala Day Queen was chosen, then on to other activities the remainder of the day. All of the girls were involved in everything, being present for all the things that were going on. There was even a Teddy Bear Picnic.

 Sunday, the 'royal party' attended the service at our church which was very nice. Again there were other events through the day where the girls were present, a great fireworks display at night, and then it all culminated with the Children's Parade on Monday morning, and the Street Parade in the afternoon. I am pretty sure that all of the girls, who very nicely represented their sponsors were in a daze by that point. The float from the community was nicely decorated and won the title of the best over all of the entrants. Rae said that she really enjoyed it all, and that it was fun, but very busy. I am glad for her that she enjoyed the experience. I have a few pictures, which I will share. Let me say as a proud grandmother that she was a very poised young lady. I got so wrapped up in Rae, that I neglected to take any photos Friday night, and only took one at the tea.

Rae's father escorting her at the beginning of the tea

The Children's Parade - Rae and her 2 young attendants

The Community Float

Our very own Princess after the parade

I attended the opening night, the tea and the two parades. There were all kinds of activities 
happening, but for me, it was enough to support Rae. I am sure that it will be something
that she will always remember.......
Now...her last year of high school will begin on Thursday...
So hard for a Grammy to get her head around. 


  1. Rae is a beautiful young lady ...
    I know how very proud you are oh her ...they grow up much too quickly ..
    You must have had a wonderful time at the gala and tea.
    Nice photos Grammy Bonnie

    Hugs and blessings

  2. *of*

    Oh, my golden , Jake went in for knee surgery this morning ... could you say a little prayer for him ... it will be hard for him when we get him home on Thursday ... this is his 2nd surgery in less than 2 years ...first his left knee went and now it;s his right one ...*sigh*
    Recovery takes a long time ... poor dog ...

    Thanks so much dear Bonnie

    1. Oh Margie, I am so sorry about Jake. It hurts me when something hurts our pets. I hope Jake's operation and recovery goes well. I will certainly say a prayer for him and for you. Warm hugs for you and a little scratch behind the ears for Jake when he gets home. Take care.

  3. How very neat that your granddaughter was in a Princess Pageant. That is a very special even for young ones and their families. Enjoyed looking at the pictures.

  4. What a very special time for Rae, Bonnie and a wonderful way to start her last year of high school. Don't they grow up quickly?

    1. It was special, she made new friends and renewed friendships with some that she had been in soccer with when she was younger. Oh, they do grow up fast and her younger sister is not far behind her.