Wednesday, March 18, 2015

S is for......

S is for the sun that is not shining....
                        N is for a night of falling flakes
O is for the overtired shovellers
                        W is for waiting for Spring to awake.

Everyone I have spoken to lately says the same thing. They are weary, weary, weary of the snow that keeps falling. At this rate, it will be July before all the drifts have melted.

We had a storm on Sunday, and then another one last night and today. One news headline said, Nova Scotia is closed.' It is March break in the province, and I think many families, if they were able, have flown to warmer climes. For those of us left behind to weather the weather, well, we wish we were wading in warm water, rather than shovelling snow.

Enough is enough we say, but nobody hears........they are all out digging tunnels to get out of their driveway. There has been cancellation after cancellation. At least we had a day in between to get out and get groceries.

The first day of Spring is March 20th!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!

I started this post this morning, and it has snowed all day, and is still snowing. The wind is blowing the snow around and the drifts are getting higher and higher. PEI and parts of New Brunswick are also getting hammered. When will it all end? 

I think the snow is now above my dryer vent, so washing and drying will have to wait a day or two. At least our power has managed to stay on, and for that I am very thankful. I don't know why but these storms seem to sap my small amount of energy. Tomorrow will bring with it much shovelling, especially at the doors. I'm glad the back door opens inward, or we would never get out. Hopefully the Captain will get the tractor moving to clear the driveway.

No pictures because I just can't take any more storm photos. We will see what tomorrow brings, though the weather person says more wind and blowing snow........ 


  1. Oh, how I am with you on spring coming. We had a day of nice spring-like weather and today it is cold again. So sorry you have snow again today, I hope it will be the last for you and you see spring weather very soon. Hugs

    1. I hope it will be the last too, but living here, one never knows. It is hard to be patient. I am wondering where all this snow will go when it finally does melt. The cities are really struggling to find places to dump the snow. I'm glad that I live in the country.

  2. I love Nova Scotia but I have to admit I am glad I am not there now, way too much snow!

    It was beautiful here today, I was out walking in short-sleeves.

    Sending hugs dear Bonnie

    P.S Spring will come, I promise ... hang in there :)

    1. I am trying very hard to hang in waiting for spring. If I just didn't look out the window I'd be ok. I know this can't go on forever, but......... :) Short sleeves sounds wonderful. Hugs to you and Jake. Hope he's doing okay.

  3. Oh, poor Bonnie, not more snow! We've had a taste of spring over the last few days, but even here they are now forecasting more wintry showers again over the coming week. Sigh...