Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What a Weekend!

This past weekend, I was busier than I have been in a very long time. Now weary and a little sore, I know that I wouldn't have changed it for all the world.

Saturday, H came to pick me up and take me to Ironwood. I haven't been there for quite a while. The day was dreary, wet and very cold, but it didn't put a damper on my enjoyment. H & R's farm is such an amazing place, and I just wanted to soak it all in. Lambs, lambs and more lambs, and a few piggies thrown in for good measure, we slip-slapped through the rain to visit all the woolly creatures, and I couldn't get enough. When we got really cold, we nipped into the greenhouse, where the furnace was on for the plants. I took a lot of pictures, and will share a few of them.

Then, from the farm we went to Windsor, meeting up with Dawn and girls, and Eva, first to enjoy supper, and then to see "Drum", a wonderful show tracing the history of Nova Scotia, through the Mic Mac, the Acadians, the wars, and the deportation, and the settlement of the Loyalists and the black settlements.  Drumming played a main part in the whole program, along with music, singing and dance, and it was absolutely a fantastic evening. To top it all off the Nova Scotia Mass Choir sang for a half hour before Drum began. If you ever get a chance to hear them, they are super. They sang on CBC Radio one time with Meesha Brueggergosman a wonderful Canadian Soprano.
I was so wound up by the time I got home, and even though I was tired, I could not get to sleep for hours.
I actually slept in Sunday morning until 9am. Usually I'm up between 6-7 most days. I think I played alright in Church, at least no one complained.

Ironwood Farm

This is a little spring lamb, a little over a day old,
and still penned in with her mother, who isn't sure
she want to let the little one drink.

This little one is a couple of days old

One of my favourites, born Jan-Feb. You can see
how fast they grow

More of the winter lambs. They loved to be scratched
under their ears, and I could have done it all day. They 
have been weaned.

These are younger ones, not yet weaned, so are out
in the field with their mommas.

I took lots of pictures of the piggies, but they weren't
very co-operative. Liked the colour on this one. They are
pretty big.

This is a look from the pasture back toward the house and barns.

One of the greenhouses

And then.......on Sunday.....

Graduation pictures in the orchard......

With Gowns 

...and without

The photographer took around 500 pictures of R and C, along with siblings and parents. It
brought a tear to my old eyes to see these two young people at this very exciting and important time of their lives. So lovely. (The chair was a prop)

This is why the chair was in the orchard.
R wanted the view of the orchard and
the valley and mountain behind

The blossoms were not in full bloom but were beginning

And so I had a busy but absolutely
wonderful weekend.
Tiring, perhaps, but so worth it.


  1. I am not a farm girl,but do love the sheep. I have visited a sheep farm as well as some others. The sheep farm is my favourite. The grad photos look great.

    1. Thank you Ruth. I didn't think much about sheep until my daughter started to raise them. Now I am quite enamoured with them.

  2. Bonnie, What a great weekend! You were busy from morning until night. That's a perfect spot for grad photos. It looks very green where you live. I just love love the sweet lambs.

    1. How very different our scenery is compared to yours. The orchard is in full bloom now and so more pictures to follow. Thanks for stopping by Barb.

  3. What a memorable and happy weekend for you, Bonnie. I too love lambs and pigs and there's nothing better than to be surrounded buy all that new and energetic life. :-)