Saturday, June 13, 2015

Catching Up

     For eight days minimum, I struggled with cleaning up my basement. It has been a repository for everything that we didn't know where else to store it . Piles upon piles of boxes, old things which I hadn't seen for years, and of course the wet, mouldy stuff that had been through the various flood times. Box after box of stuff the Captain apparently thought would be useful 'sometime', but instead it lay wet and rusty and not good for anything. There were also quite a few cases of empties, quite a few! I would be embarrassed to say how many.

It took determination I didn't think I had, but finally it was done. Not perfect, but done, except for getting these boxes to the recycler. I knew this was a big burden and through the hours of cleaning my mind tried to decide how I was going to take all this stuff.

This is where a fantastic friend and neighbour steps, or rather drives into the picture, pulling a large trailer.  Sadie's friend L, his wife J and a friend of L's came to take care of my burden. A couple of hours later, my basement was empty of all the things that needed to go.

What do you say about friends who will stop the important things they are doing, to help another friend with a big mess. I just felt so overwhelmed with thankfulness. It is hard for me to ask for help, but I knew I couldn't do it on my own. L was ready and willing to help. He and J are like that. They are the kind of people who notice when something is not right and are there to lend a helping, caring, loving hand. Their children, now grown adults with families of their own are very much the same way. There are two loving, caring daughters, and one son. I might also say that L and his son M have been great helps to daughter D, and when the Captain was farming he too was a recipient of their help.

Sometimes, thank you just doesn't seem enough, though that is all they ever want. They help because they want to, because they are friends. I can not think of any way to express my thanks, other than a big hug and a sincere thank you. I get overwhelmed with their kindness, and I cry. That they would do for me because they care. Quality people. Quality friends. I'd adopt them if I could.

Today I have been doing odds and ends of things in the basement and the yard. I fear I may have overdone it with the basement, because I just can't seem to get up any sustained energy, and after only 15 minutes, I have to rest. If I sit on a stool, I can weed for longer but pushing the wheel barrow and carrying things just cause the back pain to grow. I am thankful that after I rest for a while I can go back to it, but oh how I wish I could do what I want without the pain. It would be a nice difference.

Of course when you work on one thing, the other things that need doing are left to do their own thing. Thus, my flower garden small though it is, has greened up with weeds. One weed is driving me crazy, and it isn't the dandelions. It is like an elastic strand, with leaves. I must see if I can find out what it is. I also want to take some pictures before I finish this post.

Just one picture now. Peonies are getting ready to bloom 
and iris I transplanted last year are blooming.
Garden is far too full, but it is the only place I have.

I'm off to see youngest granddaughter in her final choir concert.

It was rainy this morning but has turned into a beautiful day.

Be thankful for those special people
 that the Good Lord puts in your life.


  1. Your basement sounds like our old storage barn, Bonnie, where DH would insist on keeping all the things that might come in useful one day. I'm so glad you have dear and helpful friends who were willing to help you when you needed it. Friends like that are worth their weight in gold and to be treasured.

    1. I do treasure these friends. They are like family to me.

  2. It is wonderful to have people,willing to lend a helping hand. I call them 'angels in blue jeans'.Grant it the pants could be any color,but that phrase came to my mind when people helped me.

  3. Hi Bonnie
    What a blessing to have friends who are there for you when needed the most ...
    Have a wonderful summer!
    I will see you when I resume blogging in Sept.

    Hugs and love

    1. Thanks Margie. Think of you often. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Hugs.