Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I'm sitting here, using my laptop, and gazing out the den window at the barn. The sun is shining on the front of the barn across the road, whispering that Spring has arrived. Yes Spring is here, and with it will come a snow storm, forecast to hit us tomorrow. Spring in Nova Scotia. I know the warming temperatures and the bare ground was just meant to lull us into thinking that the snow had left for another year. Well, we shall see what we shall see.
I am glad to have my laptop back, though there were still a little bugs I had to work out when I got it home, but things are better now.
We had a time change here, and it is now light later in the day. We lost an hour last weekend, and I am still trying to find it. :)
This past Monday marked the anniversary of Sadie's death. I found it hard and thought about her a lot. It is hard to believe that she has been gone a year, though I don't hear her little nails clipping on the floor as much as I did, but every time we have chicken I think of her. My didn't she love chicken.
I have not considered having another pet......

I see that I started this on the 20th, and it is now the 22nd. What was bare ground is definitely white now, and the wind is cold and blowing hard. However, if I just look at the sky it is quite blue, and beautiful. Two robins just flew into my view. I can't think that they are too impressed with it all.

Yesterday, when the storm began

and today, or earlier this morning. Not too much snow, 
but it is cold.

I wanted to put this picture in because it is of the plant
a friend gave me when Sadie died. She said, 'I hope it lasts a while',
and here it is a year later. The vine has really grown, and I have one
of the plants rooted in water, which I hope to get potted soon.
It's a living reminder of my little girl.


  1. Spring can be fickle,teasing us with warm days and then dumping snow on us.It is much the same in Manitoba.

    1. I keep hoping it will soon be over and Spring will actually come and fill my day with newness. It will be a while yet.

  2. Spring and winter do a dance here in CO, too, with winter often leading. Our beloved pets leave such a hole in our hearts when they leave us.

    1. Patiently, well maybe not so patiently waiting for the dance to end, and Spring to begin her solo. As for the hole in my heart, I guess it will take a long time to heal over, she was so special to me.

  3. Wow, you got lots of snow. No snow here but we have already had storms and tornadoes. All is well at my place. That plant is beautiful and what a great living reminder of your beautiful little Sadie. Hugs sweet Bonnie

    1. Hi Pooh and Pooch. Spring has not yet settled in, but I am hoping soon. This in-between time is very trying. The amazing thing about the plant is that it was called Spring flowers, and though a couple of the little plants had died, the vine just grew and grew. Thank you for the hugs and I send some to you and Pooch as well.

  4. These anniversaries can be very hard, so I do sympathise, Bonnie. Sorry to hear the snow is still coming. Here it has been rain, rather than snow, except on the highest hills, but I would really like a few days of warmth and sunshine.

  5. Spring! Don't get me going. Everyone around here is wild because Winter resembles the energizer battery. It keeps going and going!