Friday, May 13, 2016

Horrible Wildfire, Alberta

A gigantic wildfire is burning in one of our western provinces, Alberta. Perhaps you have caught a news broadcast about this. It is the Fort McMurray fire. Though it seems to be the biggest and has displaced a whole city there are many more wildfires burning in our west, with at least  80 fires burning in north eastern British Columbia. The pictures from around Fort McMurray are horrendous, and it is hard to imagine driving in your car between walls of fire being unable to see be cause of the dense smoke, fear gripping you as burning embers fall on the road and your car. This is exactly what I saw on the news yesterday.  Today, they say that the fire is growing larger, and could double in size by the end of today. It has been burning for five days.  Thousands of people have lost their homes and possessions and have made their way south to Edmonton, and other places of safety. Some people had earlier gone north, but with little in the way of accommodation and supplies, the Mounties are bringing convoys of cars back south through the burned city to get them on their way south. People, once they get to safe areas, the families can find their own places to shelter, with friends or family, or even strangers who have opened their homes to evacuees or there are also places opened where families can stay if they have no other options. It is beyond belief. Some of the pictures just break your heart. Such devastation. First responders are under great stress, and are overwhelmed. The fire has been described as a monster, eating its way through thousands of hectares.
A great many maritime people had gone 'out west' to find jobs, and now some are coming home, jobs gone and no expectation of one after the fire does its worse. Homes, jobs, livelihoods gone.

Monday, 09th
I'm not sure when I started this, but the fire is still burning though it has moved north east away from the town, but is burning through hectares of boreal forest.

I had a really nice spur of the moment trip back to Ironwood, yesterday. Dawn suggested we go and I jumped at the idea. Again, it would be a short visit.....had to get home by supper, but I was happy to spend the afternoon with my girls and the grandbaabies. The weather was nice, warm and sunny. I took 56 pictures, but I won't share them all here of course. It will be hard to pick out the best but I shall try.  Heather gave Dawn and me flowers and then when I got home, Rae and Colton brought me some tulips. So nice. It was a good day.

This is little 'Stinky' and he liked my shirt

These little ones are looking for their bottles, since
they were bottle fed, though not as often now.

One of my favourite views on the farm

Meet Franklin. He joined us on our walk to the barns

This little lamb was born a week and a half ago. He was a
little timid.

These little lambs(twins) stick quite close to their mom.

Just look at that face....

This ewe just loves to have a good scratch. You can tell she's 
enjoying it and H is working hard to do a good job

Dawn and Heather giving a little rub to the ewe 
and having a conversation as well.

I have to show some of the little black ones as well

They look like they are paying close attention to H
We all talk to the ewes and lambs as though they understood
every word, but I think they do understand H

Friday, the 13th........
A few days later.........the wildfire has moved away from Fort Mac and the cleaning up has begun. It will be at least two weeks before the people can get back in to see what is left of their homes.  
I am still having difficulties settling down to do anything specific, but am feeling better, so that's a good thing.
I thought I would finish this off before too many more days passed. As it is, it is old news.

The leaves are beginning to pop on the trees,
and even with the cooler mornings
Spring has finally arrived.
Grass is a dark green
Dandelions a brilliant yellow
Sky, varying shades of blue
The sun warming.
and the peepers peeping.
Ah, Spring


  1. We have watched the heart breaking news on TV. How do you start again when you have nothing? my heart goes out to all those poor folk. I hope you are well. We are all fine here.

    1. I cannot imagine, Irene. Just the thought of it makes me quiver. I am doing better, thank you. Take care.

  2. What a stark contrast between the fires of devastation and the gentle lambs. Have a great weekend.

    1. I hadn't thought about that Ruth, but the peace of the farm is indeed a contrast to the present life of those poor folks in the west.

  3. I'm so happy to be back here visiting you at your blog site. Peaceful, calm, lovely photos of the farm - a wonderful interlude from the devastation going on elsewhere. Take care!

    1. Things have settled down a wee bit since I last wrote, and in a few days the folks can return to see what if anything is left of their homes. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Bonnie, I've gotten some news of your wildfires. So frightening and such devastation. Here in CO, we live in fear of these fires. Luckily, we seem to be having a wet spring. I love the lamb photos. Looks like you had a good Mothers Day. Enjoy your spring.

    1. I can imagine with all your treed areas that fire would be a frightening thought. I hope that your forests stay safe. Thank you, I did have an excellent day. Spring has finally arrived. :)

  5. Sadly the wildfires continue. Can't imagine the trauma of racing for your life past the flaming forest.

    What a contrast to see the lovely bucolic images of the lambs and farm life.

    1. I hadn't thought of the difference when I wrote, but you are quite right. The peace of the lambs and the farm against the terrible fierceness of the fires is quite a contrast.

  6. Glad you are feeling better, Bonnie. Those wildfires have upset so many of us. Can not imagine the horrors of it. The juxtaposition of the fires and the lambs makes me think of Easter. And how life has both the sorrow and sweet.

    1. I am gradually getting back to normal whatever that is, but it seems to be slow in coming. The lambs are so nice to be around, and although they are now out in the fields, my daughter said that one of the ewes decided to have her little one in the grass rather than the barn. A bit of a surprise.