Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sloggin' through the swampy marsh....

..........that's what I feel I have been doing for the last couple of months or more.... Have you ever tried to walk through a swamp, in rubber boots, going slurp and sinking into the muddy, thick, rotting water. The mud sucks you in and makes it so difficult to move. This boggy feeling of being stuck, and hardly able to take a step is depressing, but with fibromyalgia, sometimes it is just the way it goes. I am hopefully nearer to the edge of the bog than I was yesterday, and will soon be able to reach firm ground and step out of the sludge that has been my life for the last while. I have been so fatigued that I was fortunate to get through the things I had to do. With Christmas and New Years past, and routine responsibilities upon me, I hope that the worst is behind me.

I have been enjoying Aslan's antics, and he is getting more comfortable with his surroundings. He still heads upstairs for his beauty sleep, and when anyone comes to the door, but he did make friends with Heather and Dawn as this picture proves.

It was nice to have Lindsay, who is busy taking a picture of......

Colton and Rae, for a Christmas Eve get together for a meal and
opening some gifts. Their days were busy, and made being all together difficult.
Dawn brought lobster, which pleased the Captain.

These are two of the decorations I painted before Christmas. I painted snowbabies (each
one different) for the choir and the Santas or snowmen for my Bible Study group and friends. I think there were about nine each. I am surprised I was able to get them done in time. It was a real push.

Here is Aslan, resting on the keyboard, where he hits keys that bring up all 
manner of things, or deletes them. I am able to do this now because he is

He also enjoys helping with the mail, and managed to put his teeth marks in
our insurance invoice, which I had to explain.......

But he is such a sweet little angel as you can tell
by this picture. Don't you just love that face.

This brings my first post for 2017 to a close. I am hoping that I will do a little better at writing my blog and perhaps even get back to working on Barney and Belinda. If I can just get these mucky
rubber boots off now, and not fall back into the swamp. 


  1. Aslan does look sweet and innocent.Hope that this new year will bring better health your way.

  2. There they where, the snowbabies!!! Nice going. So beautiful pictures, such joy and colour and that cat!! I too suffer from fibromyalgia and mine is getting worse right now, it comes with the cold weather and some burdens to carry , it's strange how fragile we are!!
    I'm allergic to cats but when I see Aslan I wish I weren't, he looks so smart, bright and cuddly!!! Blessings to you, Bonnie!!!

    1. I am sorry to hear that you have fibro as well. It is so confounding, never knowing what is going to flare up. The cold and wet bother me too. I hope that the burdens you are carrying now get lighter. Aslan is a treasure. Take care and blessings.