Saturday, February 4, 2017

February Already...

Here we are, the 4th  day of February….wow, and we have only had one snow storm to speak of, and one ice storm, in which our neighbour province New Brunswick is still feeling the effects with homes still without power after almost 2 weeks Their trees are still coated with ice. We were lucky here, in that we didn’t even lose power, but schools were closed for two days.

                I am writing this on my lap, and Aslan is sleeping beside me, having given up trying to sit on the keys. It is easier this way, because he can still be near me but I don’t have to keep pushing him off, as I do when working at my desk.

Well, that didn’t last very long. Two sentences and Aslan decided he wanted to play.

We have a bit of snow on the ground now, probably 3-4 inches. It covers up the dirty snow and brown slush, so that it looks quite nice when I look out on the fields. The roads are bare just now and that makes it much better for drivers.

If I don’t soon finish this it will be March……I started this 3 days ago. Aslan is in the basement giving me a chance to write this without interruption.

It is a sad, sad state of affairs in our world these days, but I am very thankful that I live in this province and this country. Nova Scotia, the ocean playground. I was going to say, in the summer, but even in winter some folk play in the ocean, surfing. Brrr. Not me. The water is even cold in the summer.

Things are piling up for me to do.  Oops,  guess who just found out how to open the basement door. Here we go again…………close the laptop, quick…………..

I was looking at the number of blogs I have written over the years. I started out with great gusto, and each year thereafter, the numbers declined. 2016 was a disaster for both blogs. But I am hanging in. So many thoughts spin around in this poor head of mine. It appears that I kept most of them to myself last year.
If there is a paper or a book Aslan likes to lay on it

unless he finds a pillow to hide under

There are times when he is quiet

I will end this now
Enough for today
I have to hurry up
Before Aslan comes my way.

Love that dear little furry, silly, laptop loving kitty cat

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