Sunday, June 2, 2019

June is here....

So the whole month of May has passed, most days overcast, rainy, or drizzly with one or two days of sun thrown in haphazardly. Dreary, my friend dreary. The bloom on the magnolia was welcomed, though it took a while to become full bloom, and the leaves are just filling out now on the trees.
Today was sunny and warm, and guess what is coming tomorrow......rain. We get one day of sun at a time it seems.

I have missed posting for two months now. It seems to beckon me and then something gets in the way and I put it off. I almost did that today, and I may have to leave the rest of this until tomorrow. Nothing much happened in April, so you didn't miss anything. Same old, same old. One day runs into the next, and before you can turn around and count to ten, the month has whizzed by, leaving me in the dust, or the mud, considering the rain that has fallen.

In May I was able to spend one afternoon at Ironwood Farm, and saw the little lambs. It was a chilly day, but it was great to get to Heather's and I really enjoyed it. We went out to lunch at the Flying Apron, and had great food as usual. Dawn and Lindsay went too. Those little lambs are so cute.

This one had unusual black markings

Our eldest granddaughter Rae graduated from University on the 17th. Four years of study, one trip to the Gambia, and lots of hard work got her to this place in her life. I must say, I was extremely proud of her. I was able to watch the proceedings on line and I had a few tears watching. It was a special day.  She will continue living in Halifax, working at a few things. Job hunting is on the agenda during the summer after her present work ends in July. She has become a "city girl."  Lindsay will be graduating from high school in June. Where or where have the years gone?

I have been enjoying the uke group. It's a time for just pushing everything aside, and just playing. Great fun. My fingers don't work as well as I would like, but I push on, faking a few chords along the way. It doesn't matter, because there are others who carry the song along.

I shall end this here, so I can post it. I see the sun is trying to break through the clouds, but it isn't working too well.

Until next time here's a picture of Aslan...the book/knee loving kitty.


  1. Good to hear your news, Bonnie. It sounds like you had a rainy spring. That should mean lots of happy flowers and shrubs! We had a record snow year, with snow continuing through May. Luckily, we missed the spring snows because we've been at the beach for a month. Even here in CA, it's been cool and rainy - but NO snow! Those lambs are so cute. I'm glad you're still playing your Uke. Congratulations to both your granddaughters. Stay well! (I love your Header. One of your paintings?)

    1. Thank you Barb. Yes, the header is a card I painted for a friend several years ago. She had kept it, and was showing me. I honestly had to check the signature to make sure I had done it. The orchard hasn't been this wet in years. Some places are impassable.It really needs to dry up soon.

  2. Good to hear from you again. Yes, the months do seem to fly by. The lambs are adorable.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Ruth. I wish I could get to Heather's more often, so I try to get as much out of a visit as possible.

  3. An interesting post, even without the lambs. It is good to hear about day-to-day conditions, weather and so on, around the globe.
    Here in Aylesbury UK we have had a very dry spring and just now when we should be warming up nicely we have rain instead.
    I shouldn't somplain, we need it here in the south east
    Lovely cat too.

    1. Hi Ray. I guess none of us should complain about the weather, it always seems worse somewhere else. The rain pours on us, and out west forest fires rage, with no rain in sight. The weather is crazy everywhere it seems.