Sunday, December 31, 2023

It's Coming on Christmas

  Ah yes, Christmas, and you see how many posts I managed this past year. Well, if I had anything interesting to tell you, I might have written more. Alas, not much is or was happening. Poor old Aslan has even slowed down and hardly gets in my way at all  more than once or twice a day. 

I could, of course thrill you with my hospital adventures, with various modern machines, cat scans,      x-rays, ultra sounds and of course bloodwork. Apparently, I'm not through yet. Nuclear medicine here I come. Friday, a bone scan is on tap. They give me a needle at 9am then I have to wait for two hours, then they take pictures. Joy oh joy.  My doctor called the same day and everything was okay, which of course is a relief, because Dr. Google scared me half to death.

Below is a sample of how I have spent several wasted hours, when I could have been doing other things, worthwhile things, things that need to be done if I could do them. Actually I was watching Brit Box on my laptop while I scribbled. I so enjoy the mystery shows. So well done. They just grab you. I've binge watched Vera, Midsomer Murders, Unforgotten and a host of others. Shetland is great too.

Well, I think I will end this post here.

There is 51/2 hours left in this year here in Nova Scotia.
Here's hoping that 2024 will be a better year for all.
May we take each day as it comes,
find something to be happy about,
care for others who need help,
and try to have your socks match. 😉

Happy New Year


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