Friday, February 11, 2011

A different time..

     I usually blog in the evening, but decided today that I would do it earlier in the day, perhaps when I'm a little more alert.  My granddaughter Rae thought I needed to update this blog, so here I am.
     There is not much new up on the mountain.  The snow piles in the yard where the driveway has been plowed, are getting bigger and bigger.  My hope is that when the thaw comes, all that snow won't end up in my basement.  It has happened before and it is no fun.  Two feet of water on the basement floor is more than a headache. 

Sadie is not impressed!

     The look on Sadie's face says, "Don't you dare suggest I go outside!  I can hold it for hours if I have to!"
There have been days when she could not even get off the porch, and I had to get the broom and provide an area for her.  She much prefers her bed. I don't know how many hours a day a dog can sleep, but dear Sadie does her fair share.  She spends most of her time in her bed or on the floor beside me, while I'm doing whatever...painting, blogging, writing, and watching.  She's definitely my shadow, my buddy.
     I am going to go to Rae's basketball game later today.  She is a talented player and I love to watch her on the floor.  She also plays volleyball. I'll travel with her Mom and sister Lindsay.  I could drive myself, but it's more fun to go with them.  Lindsay is younger, and isn't in sports at this time, though she used to play basketball and soccer, and might play baseball this coming summer. I think maybe she's trying to discover where her interests really lie.  If I could bottle all the energy those girls have, I be all set.
     As a last thought, I wonder what is going to happen in Egypt next?  They are celebrating now.


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