Thursday, February 17, 2011


     I approached it cautiously, wondering if I had a chance of success.  I surveyed the situation, and knew that there was only one choice for me.  I had to attempt it.  Its hulk stood before me, daring me to try, knowing it would take everything I had to do the impossible.  C'mon, I encouraged myself.  You can do it! You are Super Grammy! Yeah! Right! Oh well. I reached out, took a deep breath and grabbed ahold of the green monster. I heaved, and it didn't move.  It weighed a lot more than I.  I tried again, striking out with a quick kick to its body, which resulted only in one sore foot. I moved back from its grip, then with all the force I could muster, I twisted it, trying to throw it on its side. I moved it, but it struggled to hold its ground.  I was getting angry and I tried again, flipping it over enough for it to loose its balance then I quickly pulled it the other way.  It was beginning to give ground, and I kept at it, at one point almost lifting it off the snow.  Then I dragged it toward me, the heady feeling of success driving me to keep trying.  I pulled, I slipped, I jerked, I slipped, I pulled again, until at last I had the victory.  I had pulled the Green Bin Monster out of the snowbank, over the ice and snow in the driveway, to the curb for pickup.........I'm pooped, but I did  it.


  1. congratulations...but don't put your back out. You have a visit with some sheep and a felting workshop coming up...xo

  2. Super Granny!!!! I had visions of Super Grover....:)

  3. You have a way with words Bonnie...LOVED this one!! So descriptive and easy to relate to!

    All the best,