Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So March Begins...

     Those of us who live on a farm and grow apples, are, at this time of year thinking about getting into the orchards to do some needed pruning.  As it looks now, that is next to impossible for us.  There is probably two to three feet of snow covering the orchard, perhaps a little less after the rain we had last Friday.  To get the tractor from the barn, plowing a road is first up on the to-do list. We need the tractor in the orchard because our pruners run off the tractor.  So it will be a while before we can start our pruning.
     Today a very cold wind is blowing, and I wonder if Spring will ever get here. The first day of spring begins on the 20th, not that that means very much.  It would be nice though, to see the snow go and for the little crocus to peek through the ground.  I don't know why this winter has seemed to last so long, but it has seemed like forever.  I suppose if I was into winter activities it might make winter seem less of a drag, but I'm not. I would like to crosss country ski, or even go skating, but at my age, what I don't want is a broken leg. I checked the Martock webcam and there were folks out there skiing this morning. I suppose moving lots keeps them warm.
     My first granddaughter turned 14 yesterday.  It brings a tear to my eye.  It seems they grow up so fast.
It just seems like a short time ago when I held a tiny bundle of love in my arms. Turn around three times and they are grown.
     I was going to have an adventure last weekend. I was going to attend a felting workshop with Heather, and was looking forward to it.  I was also going to have a visit at Ironwood, to see the baby lambs, however the weather did not co-operate, the workshop was cancelled and the roads were to miserable and dangerous to go to Ironwood.  Better luck next time......I hope.
     I have been doing some painting, working on the sign for the community hall, and I think I have finished the one of Blomidon, though I'm not paricularly satisfied with it.
     I might put it on the blog another time.
     To make me feel better, here is a picture of the orchard, not taken in the winter time.  We actually have raspberries as well. We removed some trees, and planted raspberries a few years ago.

     I took this picture last fall, because the limbs seemed to make the shape of a heart.
     I will post more pictures as time goes on.  C'mon Spring!!

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