Saturday, March 12, 2011

Visit to Ironwood

     Yesterday I left Stonehenge with daughter Dawn, Rae and Lindsay, and we were on our way to visit Heather at Ironwood, in Summerville, Hants Co., looking forward to seeing the new little ram lambs.  Of course, it rained all the way and continued once we got to the farm. 
     Our first stop after arriving was the barn, of course, to see the wee ones, and to say hello to the rest of the flock, and Luke.  The lambs were so cute, I just fell in love with them, and Lindsay got a chance to give them a bottle.

     They were just so sweet.  The ewe's name is Loretta, and Heather is still calling the little guys, Thing 1 and Thing 2.
     Hazel likes the little ones too, and gave this one a little lick, though perhaps she was after the milk that had slopped on the lamb's chin.

      This is a picture of part of the farm as it looks with the snow melting and the rain falling. It is a place that just captures my imagination, even in the wet and mist of the day.

     This morning, Heather and I set off for Gaspereau, to a Felting Workshop.  Heather has past experience, but I have never done it before.  What an interesting time.  Even a novice can create something unique.  It was very enjoyable, even if my poor old neck muscles didn't co-operate.  I think everyone got a little sore.  I just tend to hold myself too tense, but it was well worth the aches.

     All in all it was a wonderful break, and I'm so glad the opportunity presented itself.  I had a great time at Heather's and made some new cat friends of Pedro and BB. (I'm not sure how Heather spells her name, but I'm sure she'll let me know.
     If you want to read more about Ironwood, they have a blog as well.  You can find it at h

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the felting...despite the pained look on your face for much of the day. The "boys" are missing you - come visit them again soon! xo hj