Tuesday, May 31, 2011

     The blossoms don't last very long in the orchard. They last just long enough to entice the bees to the trees to do their job of pollination.  In good weather, it doesn't really take very long for the entire orchard to be pollinated, and the sun has shone through most of the blossom time.  Now to wait for the set. Blossom fall has taken place and the ground is littered with the soft white, pink tinted petals, which having accomplished their task, have retired.

Gravensteins in all their glory

Macs and rows of raspberries

Flowering Crab Blossoms

     We took a road trip to Digby on Saturday. A nice day for a drive.  We stopped at a place called Bloody Creek.

Commemorates two combats between British Garrisons of Annapolis Royal and allied French and Indians in the half century of conflict for possession of Acadia: on the North Bank of the Annapolis River, 10th June, 1711: and here, 8th December, 1757.

Digby Warf

Point Prim and Bay of Fundy Beyond

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