Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random thoughts...

     Well, we had two days of sunshine, which was very nice, and now it is overcast and quite windy, making the day cool, up here on the mountain. The nice days gave us a chance for mowing, fertilizing and more pruning.
     I had a few calls about adopt-a-tree, which means I had better get started on tree signs.  My poor little "flower garden" needs work. I bought a butterfly garden seed mat from my granddaughter in support of her school, and should get that put down soon.
     We had a nice visit from Brother in Law, Faus, who lives in Pictou.  I really would like to get up to Pictou some time this summer.  I also have other places I'd like to visit, like Blue Beach and Joggins, along with lots of visits to Ironwood.
     I've done a bit more needle felting, and am now working on painting two pins for a WINS group. There are lots of things to do.  Finding the time is not the problem, but rather finding the energy and endurance.  A  new pill for the fibromyalgia seems to be working, so here's hoping that less pain will mean more endurance.  I also had an xray done on my neck, to see if sore neck and headaches are from the fibro or perhaps I am being visited by arthur, as in arthuritis.

     Here are a few pictures I took when the sun was shining.  This wild cherry is amazing. Even after being broken off in one of the winter wind storms, the broken limb is still blossoming.

     Newly mown grass smells so good, and the willow is showing its leaves.

     This one shows the orchard and the North Mountain.  We have a great view.

     One more picture - the new little characters that I've felted.


  1. aww the felted animals are so cute!

  2. I'm happy to go on a road trip anytime you say the word...(oh, and the lambs have a new game they're eager to show you!)

  3. Hi, Bonnie. Loving the greenery~~wherever it shows itself. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Happy spring!