Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hail, hail.

     We discovered yesterday that following the very quick hail storm on Sunday morning, that we have quite a bit of hail damage in the orchard.  I guess the hail hit several orchards in the area. This is not a good thing.
The only thing we can do now is wait and see how the crop will be. Hail pocked apples can only go for juice, not the fresh market. It's an apple farmer's nightmare.

     You can see the little brown marks on these little apples. Most of the orchard is like this. It is really hard to tell just how much damage has been done.
     On another topic, the exercise "walk" classes, twice a week, are doing me some good I think.  I just got home from walking "3 miles", sort of on the spot.  It's a pretty good workout but it hurts most of the time, and it seems to take a day in between to return to "normal", whatever that is. I shall try to keep it up because some movement is better than none.
     The new sign is coming along. One side is finished and I've begun the other side. The deadline is the weekend, so I have to keep at it.
     Sadie doesn't know of course, but tomorrow she's off to the vet for dental work. Hope that goes well.

Sadie and her buddy, Lindsay

     Must get back to work.  It's a beautiful day, and the sun is shining.


  1. Hail damage can be so awful! Luckily, we haven't ever had much around here in recent years. I hope the rest of your summer is hail-free, Bonnie.

  2. Thanks Kathy. I guess it really doesn't matter now, unless something comes along to knock off all the raspberries when they get ripe.