Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day

     The 1st of July. Canada's Birthday.  I am so glad to be a Canadian.  Proud to be Canadian. Via the TV, I joined with thousands of other Canadians to celebrate our birthday, on Parliament Hill. I am charmed by Will and Kate, and hope they have sufficient time to rest their hands after all the shaking they did yesterday and today.
     I find myself reflecting on other things today as well.  School has ended for the summer, with closing ceremonies held yesterday for my granddaughters.  Both did quite well as their report cards show, and the eldest received special awards. It is a proud moment in a grandmother's life, to see grandchildren doing well, and succeeding in their life.  It is a time of joy and a time of tears. It is so heart warming to see them growing and becoming who they are meant to be, but hard to believe so much time has past.  Wasn't it just yesterday I was cuddling them, reading a book to them or rocking them to sleep.  The tears are those of pride in who they are, and how well they are making their way in life.  Being a young person is not easy in this day.

     The hail that I spoke about in the last blog, will cost us our crop.  Except for a few trees that are 'adopted', our crop is toast.  I hope we will have a good raspberry season.

     The lupins are blooming in the ditch, and the peonies are getting top heavy. I just noticed that a small rose bush has buds on it that are just opening.

     You can just barely see the pink rose buds

     I did some whipper-snipping yesterday, and as usual, spent too much time at it, and ended up with a very sore back, the shakes, and a blister. Thank goodness it just takes some sit down time for the soreness and shakes to go away.  I can't not do it, just because it hurts, or I'd never do anything.
     One day at a time.......


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