Monday, July 25, 2011

Passing of Time

     Perhaps it is my age, but time rushes by, and I wonder where it has gone, and what I have accomplished. Not that getting a myriad of things done is of great importance, but rather a necessity of living on a farm, and doing all that it entails.  Right now raspberries are in season, and the phone is ringing constantly, cars are pulling in the driveway all day, driving Sadie nuts, and the times I've had to tell folks the reasons why we are closed for the day, and why I can't just let them in, as they only want a few, too numerous to count.
     We did go for a road trip, for four days last week.  It supposedly was a "vacation", but I call it a road trip, because we spent more time in the car, than anywhere else. Bob just likes to drive, anywhere, even dead end dirt roads.  We did go to several museums. which I enjoyed, especially the one in Parrsboro, and Joggins.  I wish I had the brain to remember all the things I learned.  The geology of Nova Scotia is most interesting, and I would really like to learn more. My daughter Heather is quite knowledgeable, and I am looking forward to getting a chance to look at some of her books.
     I am also taken with rocks and fossils, especially after visiting Parrsboro, though I've always collected beach rock, and like the smoothness and beauty of them after they have been polished.

I thought this little guy was cute.

The rocks tell a story, you just have to know how to read it.
This shows a seam of coal, at Joggins.

     Well, I have moved into my 69th year, and to celebrate, I went with Dawn, Heather, Rae, Lindsay and friend Eva, to Cirque Soleil, in Halifax.  It was very entertaining, though at times I wasn't sure of the story line.
It was a celebration of birthdays; Dawn's, Eva's and mine. Had a great dinner, supplied by Eva, Dave and Heather, with a glass of wine, no less, with Eva, and Sadie had a chance to see her Halifax dog buddies, Jerry and Simba, and her human buddy Dave.  We got home quite late, but it was a wonderful time. Spending time with "my girls" is most special.  When life gets overwhelming, they are my rocks, polished and beautiful in every way.


  1. Glad you had time to spend time and celebrate with your friends. Precious! Summer passes so quickly...hope you can take many deep breaths and find quiet moments to smell the flowers and taste the raspberries.

  2. I have already started setting aside some geology info for you...after all, Nova Scotia ROCKS! xo hj