Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quiet Time

     It has been sunny and warm up on the mountain today.  Everyone's away except Sadie and I and we are enjoying the solitude and the quiet. There are no deadlines today, and there is no timetable of things that have to be done. This does not happen very often.
     I have been working on a new needle felting project. This activity is really taking over my life.  Once I get at it, it is hard to leave it alone.

     Sadie made out quite well at the vets, and did not have to have a tooth removed. She is in pretty good health, which is great. She does have a further check up next week, and that should be it.

Sadie found the porch quite warm.

She decided under the truck was cooler.

This is the rose I referred to yesterday.

This one is a wild rose that just started to grow in the backyard.


  1. I'm sure I could make a few calls/emails and have some folks come over to make noise for you! Love you!

  2. hey grammie it's lindsay having a blast on vacation....well not that great because i had to sit by rae for 8hours and i'm going to do it for another 8hours. 1 thing i know for sure is that at one point she will punch me and i will punch her back.(because of punch bugies. it's 9:59 up here but down at home it is 10:59. well i will defenetllycomment again tommorow and give aunt carol-ann a big hug from you. guess were we are going to go with chase and kate? we are going to go to the zoo and then tim hortens. (chase's veriosn is tim howrtans)i'm amgoing to miss you alot up in niagara falls. i'll bring you back something from there.

  3. I know you'll have a great time. love and hugs to you both.

  4. right now we are at carol-ann's house and chase, kate, and dad are in bed.tommorow we are going to a cup cake shop thing and a costume shop and we might get organic ice cream. after that day we are going to go the c.n tower and do a catwalk thing were you get in a harnes and walk on top of of it and you can look out and see all the buildings. i wounder why some of the buildings are made of like this glass mirror tipe thing.
    well see you soon.

  5. Lindsay, thank you for the updates. The catwalk sounds very exciting. Have a great day. Perhaps you could ask someone about the glass windows.

  6. I just love the way the scent of roses fills the air at this time of year.

    How old is Sadie ?

  7. I love the roses too. I'm not a great gardner, so I'm just thrilled that my rose bush survives.
    Sadie is a sweetheart, and she's 71/2 years old.

  8. hey grammie its apparently warmer there then it is here. i'm still at carol-anns houseand i'm eating a bagel with butter and at the c.n tower mom bought me a survivl kit. it has a magnifying glass, bonoculers, compass, and a signal mirror. carol-ann bought me a sun umbrella. it's a chinesse one.
    well see you later.

  9. Hi Lindsay, it is warm here. That survival kit sounds pretty neat. It was nice of Carol-Ann to get you the umberella. Have fun.