Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big Snow

     Well, take that November 23rd!
     We had quite a big dump of snow yesterday, and I am snowed in.  Eventually, Bob will get the tractor out, (hopefully), and we will return to normal, such as it is.  I really don't mind not being able to "get out." I really have no place to go right now, though exercise class is this afternoon, and my youngest granddaughter only has a half day of school, and I'm not sure she could plow through the driveway as it is now.
     The poor birds are having a hard time finding the seeds through the snow, and I can't get to the feeder right now to replenish their supply. Be patient little ones.

     Christmas is bearing down on me, but I seem to have accomplished what I wanted to do. My painting for our Christmas card is at the printers, so I shall soon have them, and can start the addressing and stamping of them.  I have finished several of my felted Christmas decorations for friends and family.

I have such a good time making these little guys. Everyone is different. I never know how they are going to turn out.
I also finished a big project. It turned out ok, but I'm not sure what I am going to do with it, now that it is done.

I had written some Christmas poems over the last twenty years or so, for special Candle Light Services at the church.  It was suggested, by a friend that I put them together in a little booklet, which could be used for a bit of a fundraiser for the building fund. I am anxious to see it the finished product. I'll be a "published poet".  Well, sort of........
     As much as the snow caused problems for driving, as I look out the window, it is beautiful, so crisp, so clean. There goes Bob, off to the barn with shovel in hand. I won't be snowed in for very long now.


  1. Love the photos - seems like a perfect way to pass a snowy afternoon... poetry, felting, and publishing!

  2. Lovely, you're all set for Christmas.