Saturday, November 5, 2011

     Fall is here and winter is not far behind. The wind is causing the trees to wave and shed their remaining leaves, the ones that didn't blow off during the last wind and rain/ice pellet/snow storm.  The winter power outages begin as well. It was off several hours this past week. It is only the beginning.
     The harvest, (if you can call it that), is over. Drops, drops, drops, that have gone for juice, and that's it. It has been a strange fall, without all the busyness and planning and picking of the crop. Perhaps next year will be better, but you never know, with the weather, what you are going to get.  Who would have thought that a small hail storm in June would have such a devastating effect on the orchard.
     I did make a tour around the orchard a couple of weeks ago, taking pictures.

Just one of the ponds on the farm. My favourite.

Drop pickers. Apples on ground not on trees.

Another pond.

View from top of hill, looking toward the valley below

Sadie enjoying her walk around the orchard.

     I'll be turning the clock back an hour tonight, but that does not mean an extra hour of sleep. Most likely it will mean an extra hour of trying to get to sleep. Some nights sleep can be so evasive. I should have a button of some sort that I can put in the "off" position, and it will stop all the thoughts that run through my head, and allow sleep to come.
     I've been going to Yoga for seniors for the past 7 weeks, and am finding the breathing tecniques quite helpful. It is just so difficult for me to totally relax, but I am trying. The walking exercise is also helpful, but I've found that nothing is going to take away the ache in my limbs when fibro digs in its claws. I can live with that......I have been living with it, and I guess in the long run, I'm doing ok.


  1. Bonnie, thanks for the walk around your orchard--nice photos. My husband said kind of the same thing about tonight's time change. He said it's just another hour on the couch trying to sleep--or not be in pain. I wish you sleep tonight.

  2. Thanks Kathy, and I wish the same for your husband.

  3. Have you tried journalling before going to bed? It helps me to organize my thoughts on paper so I don't have to organize them in my head :P

  4. I can honestly say that there is no way to organize the jumble in my head, let alone write it down.