Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ahhhhh, Spring

     I have welcomed Spring to the mountain.  I have rejoiced in the warmth of the sun, and I wonder, when will this dream end, because I know this is Nova Scotia, and there is bound to be a change in the weather, even though the calendar says it is the beginning of Spring.
     Here are some pictures I took last Tuesday. A very nice day, still with a chill, but nice. Lindsay, Sadie and I took a walk around the yard, and went down to the orchard, where Dawn was busy pruning.

Lindsay and a tree planted ~ 13 years ago.

Lindsay and Sadie in Orchard

Dawn hard at work

Ice still on the pond

      That was Tuesday.  Then came Thursday....... Remember, this is Nova Scotia.

My favourite shot from den window

     Of course, the snow didn't last.  The last two days have been sunny and warm and tomorrow is supposed to be the same.  Yesterday I spied these.....

........a promise of spring, but also a caution not to get my hopes up. These beauties will poke their little heads up through snow.  I choose to hope for spring to come gradually, not strangely, as in the last few days. Too much warmth is not good for the apple trees.  They will be fooled into swelling the buds, and then, BANG!!! a freeze. Not good. Oh that winter would be winter, spring be spring and summer be summer, and not all mixed up in a ten day period. 


  1. Lots of unpredictability in the weather this spring. I like your pictures, Bonnie. From snow to spring flowers...

  2. Hello fellow Nova Scotian! (The South Mountian is beautiful. I grew up in the valley and my Grandfather lives on the South Mountian, too). It's actually snowing right now. After that insanly warm spell we had, it almost feels like a quick cycle through the seasons again! At least its now normal March weather.