Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Snow Duck

This weather is truly exasperating.  Yesterday morning it was snowing, with the wind blowing so hard that it was difficult to see across the road. Gradually the snow slowed, then stopped, and as the afternoon wore on, the sun came out. The wind still blew, as if winter was saying, “I’m not giving up yet!” Can you see the little snow duck?

Poor little robin in the snow

At least when the days are like that, I can cheerfully paint, not thinking that I should get outside and do some work. This is my latest acrylic rendering. It is a place on the Bay of Fundy, call Margaretsville.

I only have a tiny garden, (and I use that term loosely), but it is enough for me. I’m not much of a flower gardener, but I do enjoy what I have, and am so pleased when the seeds, or bulbs I have planted actually come up. One might call my garden a helter-skelter garden, with no planning, and things too close together, but I enjoy it anyhow.  I have a friend who has beautiful gardens, knows all about plants, and has a gift at planting just the right things, in just the right places. I usually plant things I have bought from my grandchildren, when their school is having a fund raiser.

I did manage to cut some of the dead stems out, last week when the days were warm and the sun shone. I can’t spend a lot of time all at once, but I figure a little bit of work at a time is better than no work at all. It is at times like that, when I’d dearly love to be at it, even for an hour, that I am frustrated by my physical limitations.

My latest felting creature is what I call my "Say what?" bear. When I was finished with her/him, it just looked like it was saying "Say what?" I like it when the things I create make me smile.

Today, the sun is shining, with just a trace of snow along the ditches. Winter and Spring, having a tug of war, and I'm not sure who is winning.


  1. What a lovely acrylic, Bonnie. I can not imagine doing something like that! I'm not sure who is winning this year, either. It goes back and forth...

    1. Thank you Kathy. Spring will come sooner or later. Today we've had a little wet snow, then the sun shone again. Ah dear.....