Saturday, April 14, 2012

Must be spring...

Whether or not it snows again, and there is every possibility of that in our neck of the woods, I think Spring has arrived.  This morning, the first scab spray went on the orchard, with Dawn on the tractor.
She was up bright and early, had to scrape frost off her car windows, then found things a bit frozen up on sprayer, but the spray had to go on. And so it begins.

Heather (Ironwood Farm) visited me on Thursday, bringing me two blueberry bushes.  She put them in the ground, and told me to expect berries this year. Hooray! Heather and Rupert have been busy with lambing at Ironwood. They now have 13 new lambs, I think, three sets of twins, two sets of triplets and one loner.
I can't wait to get out there and see the new babies. They are so sweet.

My Magnolia is bursting its buds. Another day of sun and warmth and the blossoms should be out.

Blueberry plants

Magnolia tree

Blossom just beginning to peek out

I have been busy painting, and hope to finish the picture in the next few days, then I will get busy planning for a group of children at Lindsay's school, who want to learn a bit about needle felting. That should be fun.  I'll have a small group for four Wednesdays in May.  Heather brought me lots of wool, plain and dyed, and I shall have to dye some too.  Love that Heather has sheep, therefore wool.
The sun is shining now, and the dream of warmth is becoming more of a reality.
A hug from the sun is always a welcome hug.  I love hugs. I get them all the time from my daughters and granddaughters, and friends. Hugs are special, no words needed. They let you know that someone cares. I love to give hugs too, so here's a hug, ( ), to anyone who reads this.


  1. Hugs! Double hugs! Triple hugs! More hugs than blooms, and may they come from all areas in your life. I have a friend around here that knows all about wool and needle felting. I know zilch. She's even got sheep.

    1. Thank you Kathy. Just read your post about trees,and I'm going out tomorrow, even if it rains, and give one a big hug,just from you.