Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Special Saturday

My youngest granddaughter, Lindsay, will turn 11 tomorrow. She is quite the girl, and I am extremely proud of her.  She asked her Mom if she could have a birthday party, but rather than get presents, she wanted to have a special day and have her friends give to a charity, instead of her. She decided on Give Kids the World, which is a place in Florida where children with devastating health problems can go with their families and stay without charge. Many children who go are sent by the Children’s Wish Foundation. It is a wonderful place for families and the children who struggle day to day, just to stay alive.

            Lindsay, with the support of her friends’ families, and folks from the community, was thrilled to have been able to collect over $400. It was a great day, where ice cream was the mainstay, with lots of sprinkles, cones, sodas and banana splits served, accompanied by music, games, face painting, noise, lots of laughter, noise, and noise.  I was thrilled for Lindsay, and extremely thankful to the people who supported her.

Sister Rae. Her friends did the face painting

Slide show of Give Kids the World

Lindsay, with the information on the table behind her

In the evening there was a spaghetti supper at our church in support of one of our young people, who is going off to Guatemala on a mission trip. It was very successful as well.  This will be her second trip, and I think it is wonderful that she is willing to do something like this.

It is raining today, and I am not complaining. The ground is dry, and the forest drier. There have be forest fires already, and the hot weather has not even begun. I hope people will be extremely careful when travelling through the woods.  My newly planted blueberries also need the water.

I have finished my latest painting, and had a great time on Friday, past, at Michaels, which is a large craft store. I had been encouraged to go there to get my framing done. I am glad I did. The gals there were very helpful, and I had a wonderful time picking out frames for four of my paintings. It felt good to frame them. I normally don’t bother, but tuck them away, or give them away. Somehow, by picking out frames for these pictures, I had a real sense of accomplishment, that I had created something of worth. I just had a pleasant feeling of affirmation.

I am getting restless. I want to get out to Ironwood, to see my daughter, and the new spring lambs, 19 and counting.  She posted a picture on their blog, and the little one is so sweet. If you are interested in checking it out you can find it at 

The Magnolia in bloom

Sadie says "hello"

Dyed wool for felting

I will soon be May, and my felting class with the kids at school. It will be here before I know it.


  1. Lindsay rocks! Most 11 year old's wouldn't have that much heart or maturity. Hope you liked seeing the new spring lambs. That sounds sweet, Bonnie.

  2. Replies
    1. Kathy, I'll make sure Lindsay knows what you said. She also had a "crazy hair" day at school today, and raised another $75 dollars for the same cause. Haven't seen the lambs yet.The weather's been rainy all week. Oh, and Sadie says Hi back to you.