Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nervous Nelly... er...Sadie

It was a beautiful day today, with the sun shining brightly, and just a bit of breeze. We have had a few days of rain, even a couple of thunderstorms. Sadie was not impressed with the noise of the thunder. She spent the duration of the storm, quivering, either on my lap, or under my desk.

Her big eyes were bigger than usual.

It has finally begun, the raspberry u-pick, not that I have been anxiously awaiting it. I knew it would get here eventually.  We opened at 1pm today, and will probably be open every day, unless it rains or the berries need time to ripen. The days will now be filled with lots of phone calls, running to the door, or hobbling across the road, and answering lots of questions like, "How long will they last?" or
"I have to go on vacation, will there be any berries when I get back?"....etc. My answer is usually non-commital.

I am missing my friend, but I have heard from her and she is really enjoying her new home on the Island. I am really happy for her.

I am busy painting another picture, though it is hard to spend any length of time at it, with all that is going on these days. I did have one whole day to myself Thursday, and Sadie and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I did some painting, some felting and some 'just sitting' outside watching the grass grow.
I should be carrying my camera everywhere I go, because when I see something that would make a nice picture, like the little chipmunk sitting straight up under the bird feeder, watching to see if I was going to make a move, I had no camera to click. He might have had one eye on Sadie, as well. She was about 3ft away, but being Sadie, she did not notice the chipmunk. Sadie has big eyes, but that doesn't mean she has good eyesight.

Dawn just phoned and they are safely home after a four day camping trip to Cape Breton's McCloud's Campground. They had rain the first night, and then lots of sun. I guess the campground was being extra careful about having campfires, as everything was so dry.  It seems to me that there was a wildfire somewhere close by the area a few weeks ago. Rain may dampen the spirits of folk, campers and beach goers, but we need it for the crops, the wells, and to reduce the risk of forest fires.



  1. Our raspberries have ripened rapidly in the last few days, too...but no u-pick just yet - our CSA customers will be the first to enjoy, I think. Good luck with the season (crop-wise, as well as customer-wise). xo

  2. I remember some of our dogs being petrified of storms. Sorry to hear you are missing your dear friend. That is hard...