Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Evening

It has been a very warm last few days here on the mountain, but there has been a bit of a breeze most of the time, and it is nice sitting out in the shade. I seem to be spending more time outside, than inside painting, but this weather won't last forever, so I am soaking it up. Sadie has decided that every time I head for the door, she would like to go too, even though I know she finds it almost too hot.

I am enjoying the birds that come to the feeder. They do not seem to be too afraid of Sadie and I. There is also the little chipmunk that comes to gather the dropped bird feed. What the song sparrows miss, he/she quickly gathers.

The raspberries are not ripening as quickly as hoped. The u-pickers are cleaning off the ripe ones faster than the berries ripen. Hopefully this week, things will work out better.

I am taking some advice from a great blogger, and trying to live in the moment. It is a struggle when thoughts crowd in, but I am getting better at just being. Watching the birds and looking at my flowers, and painting, and felting helps to keep me in the present. Prayer also helps. It keeps me in the Presence.

Not a great picture, but this Jay likes the smaller feeder for some reason.

Friendly little chippy

Brown Eyed Susans and Day Lillies
and very dry grass.

Sadie having a little nap

I  guess that's all for now.....


  1. Been soaking up the sunshine here also while it lasts. Music is what keeps me in the present and stops the mind from racing off in all directions.

  2. I'm trying to live in the Present Moment, too, Bonnie. :)
    What berries are ripe around your place now? We've got some black raspberries and maybe blueberries. (But I have no time to go see if the blueberries are ripe.)

    1. Our raspberries have really taken off, and have kept me busy with u-pick. We have blackberries in our back yard, but I haven't looked at those lately. My high bush blueberries are ripening, but when Lindsay checks them, she eats the ripe ones. I probably won't see a pint of them. Some folks have picked wild blueberries in fields, or along the side of the road. That takes patience. My best to Barry.