Friday, October 19, 2012

What a week

Latest felting, not sure what it is, though it does have a turtle head

It has been about 5 weeks since the cataract operation. Everything was going so well, and I spent most days without using my glasses, except for reading. I was even able to read piano and organ music without glasses.

And then.....
Tuesday morning, as I woke up my right eye felt a little strange, and a bit sore. When my housekeeper arrived, (She comes once a week for 2 hrs), she asked what was wrong with my eye? It seemed that the eye was quite bloodshot. I hadn't noticed, as I make it a general rule not to look in the mirror first thing in the morning. But when C  pointed out how red my eye was, I went to have a look. The eye didn't look very good at all. It was a bit sore, and as the day wore on it got more painful, to the point that light really made my eye pain, even the computer made it hurt. By 8 o'clock, I'd had enough, and went off to bed, just so it would be dark and I had no reason to open my eye.

Needless to say, I was very concerned. What was going on with the eye that had done so well, up to this point? After calling the doctors office and the cataract office, I finally got to talk to a person instead of a machine, and got an appointment for the next day.

"It is a good thing that you called", said the assistant, after a thorough look at my eye, and the doctor having a second thorough look. I can't recall all the reasons why my eye was so sore and red. Residual inflamation. Some folk cannot stop the drops as fast as others. There were a few other thoughts about what could be causing it, including a small piece of the cataract that hadn't dissolved, but that reason was very slight. Therefore.....back to the drops, starting again four times a day.
If it didn't show improvement then I was to go in this morning to have another check.
Thankfully, it is better today, and I have an appointment with my doctor, and hopefully all will be well. The unfortunate thing, is that it has affected my vision, and I am back to using my glasses, most of the time.

Sadie looks a little grumpy..please take this leash

To top it all off, my other doctor, bless his dear little heart, has decided that my blood pressure is too high, even when I don't appear to be stressed, and so, add a blood pressure pill to the one I take for depression. and the one for fibro..........

I took a few pictures today of the trees, and their colour. They aren't quite as brilliant as they have been in past years, but they are still beautiful

same old same old

Neighbour's house across the road

a very old bean thrasher

I think I should paint a scene on this shed.....
Not this year.....
Apple picking almost over
Bees still buzzing round the clover
Hornets in the basement window
Attracted by the basement light
from a nest under the shingles
where there is a hole
outside and inside
How did that happen?
in they fly.
Soon they'll be gone
when fall is over
and there is no clover,
Heavy frost upon the ground
will bring the end of basement flights
I can only hope.


  1. So sorry you've been having eye problems, Bonnie. I really hope it gets sorted out soon. Your autumn colours are glorious.:-)

    1. Thanks Perpetua. It is a bit disappointing after everything seemed to be going so well.

  2. Bonnie, how frustrating this must have been. I am glad that it's getting better, but it's hard when it's not fixed straight away. Hoping it heals 100% really soon.