Thursday, November 1, 2012

Of wind, rain and ladybugs...

My, oh my, it is the 1st of November, already. There certainly is no holding time back. It passes like a breath of wind, and a month has gone.

Speaking of wind, we had a few days of good blows, and lots of rain, but not nearly the situation of the folks in New York, or, Toronto for that matter. I think we got away without too much effect of Sandy. She sure created a lot of havoc, and destruction. Though I really want to complain about my leaking bathroom ceiling, I can't allow myself more than a wimper, when I consider the fate of others.Those who know, say this size storm is due to warmer waters in the Atlantic, and other things that all aligned to make things worse. Global warming?

The days have been warmer than they should be this time of year, and there are lots of flies and lady bugs taking advantage of a few more days. The hornets are persisting in the basement. A good freeze is what they need, or, um....what I need. The flies, make so much noise as they batter themselves against the ceiling, or the window, and then, after a while, they lie, feet up on the window sill, or floor. I do not mind the ladybugs. They are special. (see below)

The weather eased off for the trick or treaters, last night. There was a bit of drizzle, but not the hard rain that fell earlier in the day.

I am not a great fan of hallowe'en, but I do enjoy the little ones who come to the door. Sadie, on the other hand, just can't quite get her little mind around these strange little creatures that arrive through the early evening, though she is pretty good, and doesn't bark. I had 11 young ones come to the door, 10 in the evening, and 1 in the afternoon when I was visited by the cutest little ladybug. Sadie actually took to this little sweetheart. I could not let this post go by without this picture.

I was also entertained, in the evening by pirates, creatures of unknown origin, a witch, a devil, princess, flower child, and others. We never have a great many children up on the mountain, and last night was a dark, dreary night to be out on the road.
     We are all finished in the orchard, except for a few trees that will be picked tomorrow.  Things are looking pretty bare, though the leaves seem to cling to the branches, unlike the other trees around.

My eye is much better. I have a follow up next week, and hope that I won't have to use the drops for much longer.
Wishing you a great November, and it won't be long before, know........snow.......


  1. Glad to hear you escaped the worst, Bonnie, though I feel very much for those who didn't. Your pictures are lovely and could be replicated all over the UK too. We don't get trick or treaters, but I love your little ladybird. :-)

  2. Please do not mention the "snow" word, Bonnie, lol! What a cute little ladybug! Adorable!

  3. We have not yet had s--- here yet but the weather is cooling down, and I'm afraid it won't be long.