Monday, November 26, 2012

The LISTS....

Oh my. I have already spent a good chunk of time out of my day, reading other blogs, which I enjoy so much, and I do lose track of time. I have some very interesting blogs on my list.

I was determined to write today, and now I find that I'm in a bit of a rush, to get it written, before setting off to do the items on my list today. I wonder if others make 'to do' lists. I make them all the time. That way, I can look back, and see all the things I didn't get accomplished, and then add them to the 'today' list.

I wanted to share with you our first snow. Yes, it finally bird friends are not impressed, Sadie refused to go out at first, but in the end could not put it off any longer, if you know what I mean. It took me 10 or more minutes to clean off the car yesterday, so I could get to church.

I have almost finished the decorations, some only require a string so they can be hung. I almost feel lost, now that they are finished, and it isn't even December. Now what will I do? Oh, wait, just look at the 'to do' list, uh huh.

I had these wood 'slices' and decided to use them

Felted snowmen. Great fun doing these
Felted on one side, painted and little gingerbread figures stuck on the other
I had felted just the circles, but wasn't pleased with them alone, so added the wooden circles
Add a few items, and the bears become Christmas Bears
Time is flying, and I had better get a move on. Should I check and see if there are any more blogs for me to read?  Self control, Bonnie........Oh yes, I am working on that this week....Publish this blog and go check the LIST. Oh, alright,!


  1. Wow, you got more snow than me in my neck of the woods (South Shore, NS). I like your felt snowmen. I'm not very crafty but wish I was.

    1. Sometimes we get it, and sometimes you do. We are always getting flurries 'off the bay'.

  2. Such pretty decorations! Like Grace just said, I am not craft either. (Except making cards.) You also remind me that I need to make a list, or Christmas won't happen. lol.

    1. Making lists is a constant thing for me. Thank you for the compliment.

  3. Another list person here Bonnie. I'd be lost without my lists. :-) No snow here yet, though they've had some further north, and no decorations either, as I don't put mine up until Christmas Eve. But they do stay up for the Twelve days until Epiphany.

  4. I am not too great with decorations, especially if there is a lot of getting up and down etc. I am never too anxious to get them up, and less so now that the girls are older.