Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where are you hiding......

The calendar says that spring is here, and so here is a picture of Spring on this Saturday morning, up on the mountain.....

For some reason, this picture reminds me of winter,
Sky gray, snow blowing sideways,
Winter don't you think?
Now, a few hours later, there is blue sky, with white clouds, and it is not snowing. Winter, and/or Spring are playing with my mind. I know Spring is there, lurking, waiting for just the right time to burst forth with its bud and new growth. She gave me a sign yesterday....

Ah yes, sweet crocus, pushing up to get a glimpse of sun, however fleeting. I feel like a little crocus, lifting my head to get whatever sight of the sun I can get, and feel the slight warmth that comes with it.
I cannot remember a time when I was so anxious for Spring. Perhaps that is because I haven't got a very good memory, and feel this way every year.
Soon, I keep saying to myself, soon....
let it be soon.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, Bonnie. No lovely crocus here, but some daffodils in bud, but it's still so cold, even if it hasn't snowed for nearly a fortnight. I think the whole of the top half of the northern hemisphere feels just the same way. winter has gone on too long and we need spring NOW!

    1. If everyone's hope for Spring could bring it on, it certainly should be here by now. :)

  2. I've been saying the same thing, Bonnie...let it be soon. Though I'm in the South, we have had to get more wood for the fire because of the cold the past couple of weeks! I'm not used to this....hang on. <3

  3. It's not your memory. Spring is way too late this year.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance, Sybil. I just noticed a goldfinch on the feeder, and his feathers are getting quite yellow. Another sign. Yay!