Thursday, April 11, 2013

Soon - Maybe - Hopefully.....

     Drizzle, overcast, temperature around 4C, but looking at the horizon, there is a brightness, and perhaps a bit of sun coming after a while. This week has been mostly very dull and damp. The forecasters are talking about some snow tomorrow and Saturday. How nice......
Oh well, that's the way it goes. I am learning patience and acceptance.

Sadie and I took a little walk around the property the other day, when the sun actually shone for a while. It was still a bit chilly, but the snow was gone. We went out to feed the birds, but Sadie was totally not interested.

Sadie's patiently waiting for me, mesmerized by the light

Sadie found her little blanket that had blown off the
line back in February.

Sadie's shadow, proof of the sun shining.
A look over the orchard, to the valley and the North Mountain

The blue sky looks so nice.
Soon, soon (I hope) the buds will burst forth, and the naked trees will get their new dresses of
green.  Soon. Soon the dried, dead grass will dissappear, making way for the new
shoots of green.
Soon. Soon.
Then, green will be my favourite colour.


  1. Oh, poor Bonnie, more snow? Your winter seems never-ending, even worse than ours, as it started so much earlier. Those blue skies do lift the spirit though and surely spring can't take much longer to arrive....

    1. NS is supposed to get hit tonight with snow, rain, sleet, some or all of it. I'm not sure what my part of the valley will see, but it hasn't started yet. Glad to see you finally got plowed out. At least I haven't been snowed in for very long at a time, and then the drifts were not as high as yours. Blessings.

  2. Yes, soon. It will happen, Bonnie - I promise! <3

    1. I know. I guess I'm just very impatient. The winter has seemed so long.

  3. Have the buds reappeared? Is winter disappearing for you yet, Bonnie? It is FINALLY for us! May spring bloom in your heart this week...