Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting Back at it.....

I have been wandering around in the shadow of fibro for a while. It has led me to have little interest in doing anything. It threw me down and hit me with headaches, backaches, sore mouth, sore legs and more. I haven't really felt like doing much, least of all blogging. If I got through the things I had to do, that was good. Weariness just took over.

But enough of that! I decided today, that I would just get back to blogging, and try to enjoy the beginning of spring here on the mountain. The sun and the green has finally arrived, and it will hopefully give me the boost I need.

My 'not done' list is as long as my 'to do' list. There are just too many things that I want to do, and as the days move along, and the sun warms them, perhaps I will be able to tend to at least some of these things.


My youngest granddaughter celebrated her 12th birthday last week, and she asked if her mom would take her to the auditions for The Next Star. This is a TV program for the young, which is why I hadn't heard of it. It is sort of like Idol, only for the under 15 age group. Well, Dawn took Lindsay to Halifax and spent the day standing in line or waiting in a room for Lindsay to have her turn. I guess there were hundreds of hopefuls there. Lindsay had the time of her life, and enjoyed the day even before she got in to sing for the judges. She didn't make it past the first level, but it didn't matter to her. She just had a good time, talked to a lot of people, met and had her picture taken with one of the stars of the program. She said, "It was the best day of her life".

A reminder of a great adventure....
Buds on the Magnolia, bursting forth

The greening grass in the hay field.
This is the extent of my post today. I hope to follow up with another post tomorrow.
Have a good day


  1. Oh, Bonnie - so glad you are feeling better (and sorry about your fibro). I'm happy you're in the spirit of blogging again! <3

  2. Welcome back, Bonnie. I'm sorry you've been so unwell. It must be miserable to be so sore and tired and I'm glad you're starting to feel better and more optimistic. The coming of spring and warmer weather must help and it won't be long before you'll have your beautiful magnolia blossoms to cheer you.

    Well done to your granddaughter for having the courage and determination to try for the show. A great experience for her.

    1. It is my life, Perpetua, some days are much better than others. I'm hoping the warmth of summer will improve my outlook on life. Lots of mountains and valleys,but life goes on.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better, Bonnie. It must be so challenging when you're feeling ill. Glad you could share with us about your granddaughter and her wonderful day.