Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blossoming Trees

Despite the weather, the trees have bloomed and everything is going along as it should.

Sadie and I took advantage of one of the rare days when the sun shone and the wind was not chilled, and we took a slow walk down into the orchard. It is always so beautiful when the blossoms cover the trees, and you can hear the buzz of the bees as they do their job of pollinating.

The raspberries are awaiting their turn

close-up of McIntosh blossoms

Looking through the branches

The flowering crab tree, on the lawn

Sadie and another view
There are lots of things happening on the farm now, and Dawn has some plans for a garden.
I will share those as we go along.
The Captain is no longer farming, and the orchard is now under Dawn's loving care.
She is doing a great job.
I can't wait for her garden to come to life.
Have a great day


  1. It is beautiful now - but will be even more so in a few short weeks, I am sure, Bonnie. Can't wait to see pictures. <3

  2. Have a great day, too, Bonnie, and thank you for sharing another glimpse into your world with its beautiful blooms and raspberry plants and plucky Ms. Sadie.

    1. My world is definitely not as exciting as your world, but it will do.

  3. Gorgeous photos of lovely blossom, Bonnie. So glad it's warm enough for your bees to be active. In many places over here they have been very sluggish until recently, sop we have to hope the blossom has been pollinated.