Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oh my. It is cold today, I mean chilly. No, I really mean cold. A brrrrrr kind of cold. It is 6 degrees Celsius , or 44 F, and the wind is blowing. I even heard that word, a forecast on the radio. Somewhere in the Maritimes there is a possibility of the white stuff......not here...I hope.

I was able to spend a few hours in the garden this past week. Wednesday, I spent too much time bending over, (I never learn) and so my back was not pleased, nor my legs. Thursday, no garden work, then spent a bit of time yesterday. I have a very small flower garden, with perennials, so it was more a case of pulling weeds and transplanting a few things. I really like to get out there and do a bit. Even though it is not the best garden, it is my garden, and I enjoy the flowers. One of my bird friends has planted a sunflower seed, I see. I'll leave it there and see what happens.

Yesterday, the first hummingbird of the season visited the feeder. It must be shivering today. This morning I heard a tap, tap, tapping on my door, and looked out the window to see what it was. I saw, what I think was a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker. Beautiful red on the head and throat. First time seeing one of these. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of either bird.

It ain't much, but it's mine
The sun is actually trying to shine right now. The sky is very cloudy, but every once in a while
a blue patch makes an appearance. Come on sun, come on warmth.
Lots of things to do.
Hope  springs eternal!


  1. I'll admit - that is cold, Bonnie! I'll send you some of our heat. I think we will see 90 sometime this week....and then we are in for a long, infernal summer! <3

    1. Right about now I would love to share your heat. We don't often see 90 even in the summer. We are supposed to get a heavy frost in the morning, but I hope it isn't right here. Our Gravenstein Apples are in bloom, so frost would not be a good thing.

  2. That's the kind of temperature we had earlier in the week in Wales, Bonnie, but today it's sunny and about 16C. If you can just hold on I'm sure some warmth will arrive before long.

    That said, the temperature is forecast to be back down towards single figures by next weekend, just in time for the two older grandsons to come and stay for their half-term holiday. Sigh....

    1. I think your weather and mine is playing a game of 'do what I do', for it appears to echo each other. The sun is shining today and there is hope.

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