Friday, September 13, 2013

Le Site D'Autre Fois

This Site, in Havre-Aubert, is listed as a tourist attraction, but it is much more than that. It is a history lesson, and takes the visitor back in time to the early settlers, the Acadians, and gives snippets of their life through a miniature village, and full scale buildings. It is a place of culture, begun by Claude F Bourgeois .

As we entered, it was apparent that knowing the french language would have been a big plus, as there was an activity/film that took place in the theatre where one would be introduced to the site, and the history involved. Understanding very little french, we were encouraged to walk about the site and enjoy. There were various signs of explanation in both french and english.

I took a lot of pictures, too many to share here. I was intrigued by the miniature village. Such detail.  Beside and in the full size buildings, were animals and people. (I believe these were made of fibreglass. At the end of our walk, while sitting at a picnic table resting my poor old legs, Captain Claude invited us into the theatre to share some things with us. He took the time to show us various things, that we would have missed because of our not understanding the language. All the while, he was speaking in french, and yet doing his best to give us understanding. He was amazing. This man is a story-teller, a writer of books and songs, and very, very charming. I bought his book, and in it is a CD of his songs, which I enjoy even though I do not understand it all.

Here then, are a sample collection of the pictures........

The Captain himself and the piece of netting he made and gave to me.
Miniature church

Grave 'stones'

Miniature home and outbuilding

Inside the home (full size)

The farmer and his horse & wagon

A look at the area covered (this is just a portion)

Another scene - a fisherman
An absolutely beautiful place to visit.
More to come......
A zodiac ride....cliffs and caves

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  1. I love this kind of historical site and would have enjoyed the visit as much as you obviously did. Very interesting.