Thursday, September 12, 2013


     There were lots of great things to see and do on this island, but my favourite spot is a historic site, La Grave, meaning pebbly, sandy terrain, not the grave as I first thought. Here, there are lots of craft shops, cafes and restaurants and crowds of people are walking all over the place, including on the road. We soon found that the pedestrian has the right of way. It would have been nice to join the crowd and wander in and out of the shops, but that didn't happen.

We went to the Sea Museum and the Aquarium, and an absolutely fantastic restaurant with the name of Vent du Large, with an adjoining boutique Bleu Mer. This was the first time we visited, but the next day we returned for another meal and gift buying.

The first Acadians settled here in Havre-Aubert, and this island is the most forested of the archipelago. The day we returned, there was an Acadian celebration happening. Someone told us what was going on, and we could hear the "boat-builders" hammering and sawing away, down the beach. Teams would build a 'boat' and later in the day, race that boat. Some teams were in costume. We didn't see the boats, (darn), but certainly heard the happy voices. Again, I would have liked to spend more time here, but.......

Both of these pictures are of a part of a ship
that had been wrecked long ago.
A fisherman had dragged it up.
The wood was joined together with wooden pegs.
This was outside the museum.


You will see these barrels, pictures of them and souvenir
barrels all over the islands. In 1910, a barrel such as this carried mail
from the Islands to Nova Scotia, when the islands lost contact with the
mainland because of a break in the underwater telegraph cable.

This would be the beach area where later on
the boat building would take place. (I think)
Next we went to the Aquarium, where there was a really nice young interpreter who guided me around the touch tank, giving lots of information and showing the creatures, while I took pictures.

love the little face on this ray

hermit crab
Vent du Large

A very interesting place, with a very nice waiter,
who took our picture.
Random shots.....

Seeing these pictures again, makes me wish I was back there.
Until next time....


  1. I really enjoyed your post, Bonnie.
    And the photos are great!
    Sounds like it was a wonderful time, indeed!

  2. Bonnie, you obviously had the most wonderful holiday. Super photos.