Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years.....

    I have never been 'into' a big celebration for New Years, not since our early years in the air force when there were lots of young couples getting together to celebrate. As the years moved on, past the time when our daughters wanted and tried so hard to stay up past midnight, and most times failed, on to the post air force period and into the farming phase, and the captain, not being very social, our New Years Eve was spent watching the TV and the Canadian Air Farce.

I sit here today, thankful that a dear plumber came and fixed our water pump. Not till you don't have it, do you miss being able to go to the tap and turn it on. Some fixtures were replaced, but there is still the possibility that dirt will again get into the system. New pipes need to be put on, but that is a job for spring.

I will be on the road tomorrow, heading to Ironwood to see Heather. Dawn and the girls and I will make the trip. The captain does not do Family. It will be great to see Heather.

I have managed to take down the trees, but the decorations are sitting on the chair and piano bench, awaiting the time they will be put away, and that won't be today. The first order of business is laundry, since I now have water.

I am not in the greatest of moods today. There are a number of reasons why, I suppose, but where the start of a new year should be something to look forward to, there are some things that I do not look forward to. Perhaps that is just because I need to take one day at a time. I also need to stop comparing my life with others. I'm sure someone famous or infamous said you have to play with the cards you are dealt.

That being said, I am glad that we will be getting back to normal activities, like choir practice and Bible Study, and my little piano student coming for lessons. The dear little guy gave Sadie a toy for Christmas. It was sweet of him.

I guess that's it for this year. See you in 2014, I hope.


  1. Happy New Years, Bonnie. I hope 2014 will be a good one for all of us. May your mood soar as the New Year arrives. Thank you for being you and sharing you here.

  2. Please send New Year's greetings to Heather from my family. Wishing you a wonderful new year!
    Kimberley Smolenaars

  3. Happy New Year, Bonnie, and I'm glad you have water again. DH and I don't make much fuss about New year either and are on our way to bed now, as we have a journey to make tomorrow. I hope 2014 is kind to you.

  4. My resolution this year (among others I will likely break) is to not have "life envy" - you know, when you look at someone else's life, and wonder why yours isn't that perfect....or when you read someone's blog, or watch a movie, or read a book, and wonder, wonder, wonder. I'm going to try to see my life as it truly is - flawed, but blessed. Happy 2014, Bonnie. Enjoy your visit! <3