Monday, December 30, 2013

Things happen.....

There are some things that don't take into consideration that this is a holiday period. It could be snow storms that throw lots of folk into the darkness, with no power for days, the people who work on the downed power lines, those who organize the ones who work on the lines, the snowplow drivers, who didn't get to spend Christmas with their families,and last but not least, water pumps decide to quit....affecting me personally.....

Oh yes. My water pump decided to not shut off when it should, and so we had to flip the switch off. Hopefully, I will have a plumber come tomorrow morning, and find out what is wrong. It has been interesting to not have running water, but not really that bad. We always have water jugs on hand, in case the power goes out, and so we had water. Dear daughter lives down the road, and so we could get more when needed. It is amazing how often one goes to the tap to get a drink of water. I hope that tomorrow I shall be able to go back to using the tap.

We finally had a church service, yesterday. It was so nice to see everyone again. My dear, fantastic choir did themselves proud. Having missed two Sundays, we decided to do three songs yesterday, since they were all Christmas songs. This choir is not very big. When all are present there are nine members. Yesterday we had seven. They sang the specials beautifully, one after another, like a mini cantata, and did a wonderful job. I was so pleased with them. They are a very special group of people, and I love them dearly.

Now the year is quickly coming to a close, and a new one soon to begin. I do not make resolutions, so will not be making a list. I think I will soon take down the Christmas tree. (That will be when I think I have enough energy). I decorated for Christmas over a period of two weeks. Now I'm thinking it will take me that long to get things put away.

There is still ice on the trees, and a lot of the birches around are drooping right to the ground. I wonder if the past two weeks are an indication of the winter yet to come.

Some of the things I have painted and gave as gifts

                                           I just think this little guy is cute. Have had him a long time

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from Sadie and I.

Look out world, here comes 2014...........

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  1. And a very happy New Year to you too, Bonnie. Hopefully the water will be running again soon. As you know we 're on a well and sometimes have water problems so I do sympathise.