Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snow, Wind and Water

I have a few pictures to show of our changing weather, but I have been thinking a little about our church choir.  It is getting close to our annual meeting at church, and the nomination committee has been busy. The reason I mention the choir, is that as I thought of each one, I realized that besides being in the choir, they are also on or head a committee, sometimes two, or have another position such as bulletin editor, or Food Bank person. They are a great group of people who volunteer their time in a number of ways. That may change, when the nomination committee finishes their job, but from past experience, it won't change much.

Now on to the weather.....

This is the end of last week,

This is today

there is still some snow where it has been plowed into a pile
but the ground is soggy because of heavy rainfall on the
Needless to say there is a bit of a pond in my basement, and it
will take a while for it to dry up. More rain is expected tonight
I think, or tomorrow.
The sump pump is earning its keep.

This is a painting I did back in 1983 of Birchtown Bay,
and Shelburne Harbour, in Birchtown NS
where we lived for three years.
This scene could be seen from our dining room window.
I reminds me of my basement floor the way the water hugs the beach. I
have some water areas and some dry areas.

Sadie and I took a little walk around the property, picking up things that had blown around in the past wind. I'm sure I missed some things. I was surprised that there were some things still standing, like the little shed out front. The wind blew very hard, and I thought perhaps I would end up in Kansas.
I realize how little walking I do, because when I came in, I hurt all over. I like to blame that on the weather, but I know it's the fibro acting up. You would think that going up and down steps each day to the basement and the bedroom would count for some activity, but apparently not. I sit to do my painting and crafts or at my laptop, but I have to get up and walk around after a while to walk off the aches. I know sometimes I sit too long at one thing, especially painting, but I sure know it when I move. I just remembered that I need to go and tidy up my bird food and containers. I just left it when I came in from outside.
Last night, just at dusk, there were six deer in our backyard. They were there for about 10-15 minutes at least, munching apples on the ground around the 2 apple trees, and also eating a few of the young branches. I couldn't get a picture because it was so dark, and eventually something startled them and they headed back to the wooded area.


  1. I'm glad the snow has gone, Bonnie, though it's a shame about the water in the basement. As for the choir - in my experience it's the busy minority who do almost all the jobs, sometimes two or three each, though I doubt they count singing as a job. :-)

  2. Oh my--you don't have any snow! (I think Sybil mentioned that, too.) Sorry to hear you were aching when getting around. That can't be any fun, Bonnie. The deer sound like they were beautiful. Too bad it was so dark.

  3. Sounds like you had a pretty good day (in spite of the aches after walking). I really love your painting - how talented you are, and lucky to have had such a view. It snowed in our little part of the world yesterday, but it was gone by morning. <3

  4. What a talented artist you are! I'd love to see more of your paintings here.
    I know how difficult it is to get out and walk when the weather is difficult. My move from New England to CA made a huge change for me health wise (sooo many more long walks). But I have also found that yoga really helps the old aches - do you have a yoga place nearby? Bet you have a beautiful voice with the choir.

  5. Hope you're having a good weekend, Bonnie, and that you are not aching today. (Or at least not too much.)