Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello February

February, having just made her arrival is about to dump some more snow upon this soggy land. At this point, I haven't even bothered to listen or look at how much is expected. I am just happy that January has ended.  It was not a great month, and I am glad to give February the chance to live up to Shubenacadie Sam's prediction of an early Spring. I realize that there are differing opinions from the various rodent forecasters, but I prefer the idea of an early spring. Spring....ah......C'mon Sam, I'm trusting in you. Hah!

January really wasn't a very pleasant month in several ways. The weather went from snow to rain to blizzard conditions to wind warnings and heavy rain warnings to heavy snow and back to rain, in any order you choose.

I lost another special friend in January, as well. It was one of those times where because of how badly she was suffering with bone cancer, you wouldn't want her to suffer anymore, and yet the thought that she wouldn't be around anymore was so sad. She was a delight, a very strong woman, 84 years young, and with a great outlook. She was the one who cajoled me into joining her in teaching Sunday school, where we spent a lot of years together, and then resigned at the same time. She and her husband raised 6 children on a big farm in our community, and she could master anything that had to be done on that farm, it seemed. She milked cows, worked in the woods, drove tractor, ran a Farm Guest House for years, and had boarders at different times, and was always busy in the church. She will be missed so much.

After having a good checkup with the eye doctor, I was laid low by something that sort of started out as a cold, which is lingering on, but worse was spending a whole day in whooziness, and being unable to stand or sit up for very long at all. It only lasted a day, and I think I was just worn out, and perhaps a bit dehydrated. My choir folk diagnosed the dehydration part, after spending a good 10 minutes laughing about the reason for my being dizzy. The upshot of it is that I am trying very hard to drink a good amount of water each day, and since then I have felt ok.

These pictures have no other reason for being posted here other than the fact that I was looking at them a few days ago. They were taken on Grand Manan last summer, and I was just remembering how nice it was.

I have others which I may post if I haven't already done so. I will have to check. Any excuse to not think about our present weather.
And, I am glad to be back posting. I has been a while.


  1. So very sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Even though you wouldn't her to stay in pain on earth, it's still hard to say goodbye. Hope February proves to be a brighter month for you.

    1. Thank you Kathy. I am hoping that February will be better as well. May I tell you how much I appreciate your blogs. They are so worth the read.

  2. Dear Bonnie,
    So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend,
    May her memory always be a blessing.

    The pictures are wonderful