Friday, February 7, 2014

There is a slight dusting of new snow on the ground, and it looks rather pretty. We were supposed to get quite a bit of snow on Tuesday evening and through the night, but I don't think we received as much as forecast. There was enough to plow, but not overwhelming as it has been in the past.

The Olympic coverage begins today, but I am not sure how much I will watch. So much money has been spent by Russia on these games, it boggles the mind. Cheering for the Canadian team, and hoping that all will be safe, as the days progress.

I had a visit this week from a young couple, the grandson of a friend, and his wife. It was a very nice time spent catching up on what was happening in their young lives. What pleased me was that they wanted to visit with me, just to say hello. I have known the young man since he was a little boy, and it is heartwarming to think that he wanted to visit.

I have kept busy felting and painting, doing a bit of writing, and of course reading. I bought a book by Rita MacNeil, 'On a Personal Note', which I have just begun, and a CD of her songs called Travelling On. I really liked Rita, and saw her once, a long time ago, before she was 'famous'.  Dear Rita.

The little squirrel that has been robbing the bird feeder
He was on one side of the window, and I was just inside.

He was chattering away at me, letting me know
that he was not happy with my interference

Oh, he was so angry.
I think he was swearing at me, so I'm glad I don't
understand squirrel talk.
Under the Sea

My latest abstract.
It reminds me a bit of 'under the sea', with different
kinds of seaweed, and little creatures.
It is strange what comes out of my head.
I have some Women's Institute pins to paint for a local group, so that occupies some of my time.
As I look out the window, there is blue sky above, and very little wind, a nice day ahead, though still very cold. I know that good old Spring is coming.............patience, Bonnie. Patience.


  1. Bonnie,
    How wonderful to have the visit from the young couple. I am sure it was a time of joy.

    I hope to watch some of the Olympics but yes, it's mind boggling all the money Russia has spent!

    Love the pictures of the squirrel and really like your painting.

    Spring will be here soon, hang in there!

    P.S Thanks for the kind words on my post

    1. It surprised me that they would care to visit, but was really nice. I'm keeping you on my prayer list.

  2. How lovely to have that visit! They probably enjoyed visiting you so much. You are such a talented artist, by the way. I can't imagine painting like that. And spring MUST be just around the corner.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I really don't know where the abstracts come from. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I guess.

  3. Snow for you, wind and rain for us. Roll on spring! Mind you, your squirrel seems quite happy. :-) Lovely photos.

    How heartwarming to have that visit from the young couple, for you and for them.

  4. What a thoughtful young couple! And what a talented artist, too. Some days are just diamonds, aren't they?

    Love your new snow-covered header, by the way.