Friday, February 28, 2014

Farewell February....

The last day of February is trying to pretend that it belongs to a beautiful month. I'm not buying it, even though I do appreciate the sun and the blue sky. February, you have been a hard month, and I am not sad to see you go. I will welcome March, even though the days will still be cold, we are creeping closer to Spring, which will officially arrive on March 20th I believe.

I have been keeping my days full, doing a variety of things. I still have not finished the new painting, but it is coming along, slowly.

Pictures below are of a few of my rocks, and I have set some of my latest felted bears among them.

I must still be a child at heart. I like making and looking at these little bears. Each one comes out different, even though I start out the same.

And of course, another picture of Sir Scoundrel the Squirrel. He is still driving me "nuts".
Well, that is all for now. I'll be going on a bit of a road trip tomorrow to watch my oldest granddaughter play in the Provincial Basketball Finals.
It would be wonderful if they won,
they have a great team, and it would be
a perfect birthday gift for her on her 17th. birthday.
Hoping for warmer weather soon.
Think Spring.
Stay warm.


  1. Thank you for your thoughts on our Henry - I know you're a huge dog lover too. Hugs to Sadie, and hoping your March is MUCH better than your February!

    1. I do feel your heartache. Sadie is getting old, and I don't like to think about losing her. I hope she has a few more years in her. I'm certainly hoping March will be better, but, the way this winter has gone, I'm not sure my hope will be realized.

  2. Yes, March is definitely a more hopeful month, Bonnie. I love your rocks and bears. You've been really busy. I do hope you enjoy your trip and your granddaughter's team wins. :-)

    1. Just got in a short time ago. It was a great day, and granddaughter's team won Bronze. They were thrilled. It was an excellent day for Rae.

  3. Bonnie,
    So glad your granddaughter's team won, Yay!

    I love all your bears.

    Thanks so much for the email, I will reply tomorrow .


    1. Wish I could give you a little bear, Margie. Hope you are doing well.