Thursday, March 27, 2014

Have I told you lately.... I am longing for SPRING!

How much longer can this rotten weather go on? I am getting so all I want to do is sleep my way through these days. Any excuse for a nap is a good one.

Yesterday we were hit by a blizzard, a whopper, with blowing snow and high, high winds. Today I cannot get out of my driveway. The wind is still blowing in big gusts, and it is driving me crazy. School has been cancelled for 2 days, and I have had to cancel choir practice tonight. I can't get out and my assistant, who is a nurse is worn out. Her husband is stuck in Saint John, NB because the ferries are not running. I don't think I have ever had a winter where choir has been cancelled so many times. That could be because I am a lot less eager to go out on a stormy night, even for an hour and a half.

Our power was off for four to five hours, yesterday afternoon. Supper was cooked in the wood stove oven. Because of our circumstances, we only use the wood stove when the power is interrupted, but it makes me nervous about a chimney fire.

One good thing in all of this is that Joe was able to get rid of my ad problem. I am so thankful for this. It took a bit of work, but they are gone, gone, gone! I am getting used to the new 8.1, but I imagine things will come up that I won't have a clue about. For now, I am doing what I know how to do, and being very careful. I had my old laptop for about 6 years, and never had a problem. Perhaps I was just satisfied with what was on it and didn't have to go searching for anything.

It is very weird, because the sun is shining just now, and the sky is blue. It is very deceiving. Highways are still closed down, so it must be for low visibility because of blowing snow. I am amazed but thankful that our power has not gone off again.

Hopefully, better days are ahead, before I go completely bonkers. I am about this [] far away.


  1. Bonnie,
    You have had the worst winter there in NS.
    I have a sister in Truro and she too is so very,very sick of all the snow.
    I so wish I could send you some of the beautiful weather we are having here.
    Hoping for better days ahead for you and sunshine, lots of beautiful sunshine.
    Be safe.


    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Margie. I hope that you are doing well. The sun is up there somewhere with its warmth, somewhere up there. :) Blessings.

  2. Poor Bonnie. I can't believe you were still getting so much snow at the end of March. You really have had a long, hard winter. Here's hoping spring will be a good one when it arrives.