Monday, August 18, 2014

Challenge for today...

I read a lot of blogs on line and they are always so 
or moving
or informative
 or all of the above.

Then I sit down to write a little post and before doing so, 
I read a friends' blog.
Her poetry is beyond beautiful, no matter the topic.

And what was I going to write about------
the mess that I am in. I thought that I would accomplish one small cleaning up item per day. I usually 
begin with my den area, because I am never satisfied with how I have set it up. I dug in, going through 
old cards, old magazines, old drawings...everything that I hadn't looked at or used in a year or more.
'They' say that if you haven't used something in a year then you probably won't use it 'ever'.
I don't really know who 'They' are, but they seem to have a lot of knowledge about a lot of useful, and
useless things. I digress......
It is deciding where to put my books and supplies in order to get at them easily....hah.
What I really need are floor to ceiling wall shelves and cupboards. But since that will never happen, I am
driving myself a little nuts trying to decide where to put what.
I should have left well enough alone, because you know what happens when you start a 'small project'.
It becomes a big one and then it gets bigger, and then you have a mess all over the floor so that 
you can't move, and you haven't a clue how to finish up this one small cleaning project.
I decided to take a break and so I am typing this.

If I end up putting things back in the same place, what will have been the point of all this? I shall have to think
on it a bit. It is mid afternoon, and I shall soon run out of steam so I had better get going.................
I just realized that this small room has 3 walls and an archway. If I were going to put shelves up where would
I put them? There are windows in two of the walls and a door on the other......
That's why I'll never have shelves....
And even if I did have shelves, I would probably still not be satisfied with where to put the wool, books, wood items, frames, empty cans, rocks, shells, CD's, old tapes, microscope, ( I used to look at bugs from
the orchard and berry fields), paints brushes, waterdish, canvases ...... oh dear.
Well, I guess I needn't prolong the inevitable....

Till next time.......


  1. Dear Bonnie
    I have been there, as a matter of fact, I was trying to organize all the books I have this weekend. (I keep most of then on bookshelves in the basement)
    Well, I had planned on making a pile of books to give away, no such luck, I just made a mess and sat down and read the books I was planning on giving away ... my husband told me that would happen ... haha...
    Anyway, I hope you had more success than I did.
    Oh, I did manage to go through my closet a few weeks ago and gave away stuff I have not worn in a long time ...

    Sending hugs ...
    Be well and take care ....

    1. I did manage to finish up, but found my bed around 8 pm. I have a ton of books too, but they will have to stay on the shelves for now. I am not sure what my challenge for today will be, but I'm thinking it will be a little one. Hugs to you, Margie.

  2. It always feels good to get organized. However getting there isn't always easy (at least for me).

    1. There are so many places that need organizing in this house... I will never get to them all. I do like it when I've finished though.

  3. Somehow all that sorting isn't just physically tiring but emotionally too. For me it's all the photos and family tree information that I struggle to organize and understand .... perhaps you should reserve some time to get outside and inhale that fresh air ?

    1. It can be emotional. You are quite right Sybil. Sometimes I hold something in my hand, look at it, set it aside, and finally make the hard decision to keep or throw.. It is lovely here today, and I am enjoying the sun.

  4. All that sorting doesn't sound like a little project to me, Bonnie. No wonder you were tired by the end of it all. Good luck with the rest. I'll be doing as lot of the same once we're back home.

    1. Since I rise fairly early, by supper time I am growing weary. By 8 I am ready to lay down so my legs will feel better. I usually read for an hour before trying to go to sleep. I would think you would stay on top of organizing with you moves to and from France. Safe home. I'll be thinking of you.

  5. I think we shouldn't necessarily trust the poetry in other's blogs. We're all in this together. We're all a mess and we're all divine. We're both, together. Blessings to you, Bonnie.

    1. Ah Kathy. I have to keep reminding myself that I can only do what I am more, no less. I guess I just get discouraged sometimes. Better to write it here than keep it inside eh?

    2. Yes, keeping it inside is not always the best option.